March 14, 2023

Smartabase Releases Next Generation Mobile App

Freedom to capture data and uncover insights from anywhere.

The new Smartabase App allows performance practitioners, medical staff, coaches, and leaders to enter and access critical data and receive timely notifications while on the go. This recent release includes features and functionality previously only available through the Smartabase web interface. 

If the reaction to the Beta release is any indication, the official launch of Smartabase’s new mobile app for human performance practitioners should delight users.

“The new Smartabase App has enabled us to mobilize Smartabase for our coaches, who are constantly on the go participating in meetings and not always able to access our website to inform their decision-making processes from their office computer.”
- Scott Kuehn, M.S., CSCS, Manager of Applied Sport Science, Football, LSU Athletics

Access Timely Reports, Dashboards, and Profiles

Easily run reports and view your dashboards or athlete/service member profiles from your smartphone or tablet. Customize your home screen with your Favorites to help you quickly access commonly used reports, dashboards, and events. Switch between groups and use search, filter, and sorting features to narrow in on the data you need.

Smartabase App - Dashboards

Enter Data from Anywhere

Mobile-friendly forms allow you to enter athlete and service member data from your mobile device. Set up your favorites or use the new quick search feature to quickly enter data for a specific event. Drop-downs, sliders, body diagrams, and more streamline the data entry process on your mobile device. Ideal for medical clinics, in the gym or on the field. 

Smartabase App - Data Entry

Stay In-The-Know

Receive timely notifications of critical changes to an athlete's or service member's status, necessary interventions, or other important communications.

Extend Your Brand

Configure logos and colors to make the app feel like an extension of your organization, reinforce your brand, and drive user engagement. 

Secure Access

Signing into the Smartabase App is simple and secure with support for SSO, face and fingerprint recognition, PINs, MFA, and Magic Links. If you manage multiple organizations or teams, easily switch between Smartabase accounts.

Multi-Language Support

The Smartabase App supports English, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese, and Spanish. Present the app to your users in your preferred language or allow them to select their own.  

Learn More

Download the Smartabase App today for iOS and Android and start accessing your performance and medical data while on the go! To learn more about this release or get support, please visit the Smartabase Help Center

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