April 26, 2023

How Smartabase is Driving Human Performance in the NHL

What we’ve learned in our work with NHL teams is that they all have invested, to some degree, in data & analytics to optimize human performance. While certain teams are more sophisticated than others, in the end, they’re all trying to address the same fundamental problems:

  • Capturing data from multiple sources to help monitor player load
  • Weighing the risk of injury vs. the reward of practicing or playing
  • Maximizing player availability & readiness

To address these challenges, some teams have tried, and been disappointed by, rigid off-the-shelf solutions that don’t support their needs. Others have attempted to build their own solution, taking on significant technical debt and risk as they do.

Smartabase’s purpose-built solution for the NHL provides the best of both worlds: the flexibility of a homegrown tool and the speed and cost-effectiveness of a purchased solution. Teams like the Devils, Sabres, Penguins, and Kings rely on Smartabase to manage their health and performance data.

“Smartabase gives us the flexibility to meet the various needs in evaluating our team and provides real-time feedback on the status of our players. The platform allows us to create meaningful conversations around player care, return to play, and performance.”
– Chris Stackpole, Vice President, Athlete Care, New Jersey Devils

Easily Centralize Data from Multiple Sources

Smartabase provides out-of-the-box integrations with common wearables and equipment used by NHL teams including Whoop, Oura, Hawkin Dynamics, Vald, Bridge, Teambuilder, GymAware, SMT, Catapult, and many more. Our open API also allows you to drop Smartabase into your existing tech stack and easily share data with other internal data management systems. 

Smartabase - Centralize Performance Data

Automate Your Unique Workflows

Our purpose-built solution for the NHL provides you with a set of core workflows you can use as a starting point. A few examples include:

  • Assess Readiness
  • Assess MSK Flags
  • Assess Injury Risk vs. Reward
  • Update Availability
  • Review Lifts
  • Assess Workload

Each workflow consists of a set of forms, dashboards, reports, alerts, and more. Some clients won’t need to change these templates much, while others use these as a shortcut to create a more custom solution. When novel situations arise, Smartabase customers can quickly build new forms, dashboards, and alerts, and integrate with new data sources as needed.

Smartabase Dashboards for NHL

Share Data in a Meaningful Way

Smartabase’s NHL solution includes configurable dashboards so you can easily visualize your data and personalize its presentation to different groups and roles. Some of our more sophisticated clients use Smartabase’s analytics connector to pull data into third-party tools like Tableau or PowerBI for more sophisticated modeling and predictive analysis. 

Collaborate with Experienced Consultants

One of the reasons Smartabase has become the premier human performance solution is because of the people behind it. Having worked as S&C coaches, Athletic Trainers, Sports Scientists, and more, our Human Performance Consultants can empathize with your daily challenges. In addition, their work across all the major sports leagues makes them a wealth of knowledge and best practices. Most importantly, our consultants understand you know your team best and have a vision for your program, so they partner with you to collaborate and implement a solution that works for you.

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