July 18, 2023

Smartabase for Football Clubs: Return to Play

Having ready access to every data point relating to player health can help expedite the rehabilitation process to get injured players back to full availability as soon as possible. Football club’s medical practitioners and performance staff use the Rehab Tracker workflow in Smartabase to oversee and inform every stage of this return to play (RTP) process.  

Data Inputs & Metrics

Data related to player rehabilitation can be complex and siloed between different practitioners and departments. The Rehab Tracker pulls in data from various sources to help practitioners understand what the player is completing and how they are progressing. Data aggregated into Smartabase includes but is not limited to:

  • GPS
  • VALD ForceDecks, ForceFrame, and NordBord

To get an accurate appraisal of where a player is in their injury rehab, you need to know how their current capabilities compare to what they were doing before getting hurt. For example, data from VALD NordBord, ForceFrame, and ForceDecks can be formatted to be relative to a player’s pre-season values and visually flagged depending upon the range (e.g.. < 50% of pre-season performance). Similarly, you can set manual thresholds for inputs like GPS, set targets for a player to hit across each phase, and visually flag actual performance. 

These are just examples, as metrics can be displayed and highlighted in many different ways to alert staff about significant changes in player status. 


Rehab Tacker

A Rehab Tracker dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the injured player’s current status and all the necessary context to make informed decisions. This shows what the incident was and when it occurred and quick access to the details the team doctor or physio entered when the injury occurred.

A convenient timeline shows when the status changed for this player, and a running count of days post-injury. Once a player has received acute treatment and been diagnosed as required, the first step in the RTP process may be set within the phases and milestones feature. This visually represents the progressive stages of rehab along with corresponding milestones, such as return to gym, return to pitch, return to training, and return to play. These milestones can be configured to match your own protocols.

Daily Rehab Plan

The Daily Rehab Plan allows practitioners to record a plan for a day, specify the focus for the player, outline the exercises, treatment, or training that they will do, note if it was completed or not, and comment on any issues. A weekly view provides a seven-day summary of the player’s treatment and training so you can see what the injured athlete has been doing each day and whether there has been progress or setbacks.

The Rehab Planner function then makes it simple to set up daily activities for the injured player. You can record how the player got on in each of these and check off milestones as they’re completed. Templates increase input speed so that practitioners can spend more time with their players and less time entering data.

See Smartabase in Action

Ready to see Smartabase for yourself and explore how it can help your team? Contact us to schedule a demo or Visit Smartabase for Football Teams.

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