June 21, 2021

SidelineSwap Brings Sports Gear Sales Opportunity To INFLCR

Current and former collegiate athletes have some of the most coveted gear on the planet. Thanks to SidelineSwap’s recent partnership with INFLCR’s Compliance Exchange, it’s now easier than ever for athletes to monetize their gear on the open market.

SidelineSwap, the leading online marketplace in sports, is home to a community of 1 million + athletes and fans who buy and sell their gear online. Through the partnership, former college athletes who were permitted to keep their gear upon graduation have the option to sell team-issued gear and other merchandise directly through SidelineSwap. And current athletes can sell any gear or merchandise that they own, including equipment from high school, summer leagues, or merchandise they create to monetize their name and likeness.

Many athletes will finish their time playing and have a ton of gear they no longer need. Instead of that gear finding the back of a closet or winding-up in a landfill, our athletes will have a chance to quickly turn it into cash,” said INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale.

“Bringing SidelineSwap access to the INFLCR Exchange makes this opportunity an easy find for thousands of athletes.”

In-App Access

Professional and amateur athletes can find SidelineSwap through the INFLCR Exchange. They’ll be directed from there to best practices videos in selling gear, and to the Sideline Swap platform.

In-App Education

Gear selling best practices will be provided to athletes on INFLCR’s Storyteller Playbook. This educational platform is available to athletes so they can learn the best ways to take advantage of each connected opportunity.

In-App Reporting

Reporting features will allow athletes to input their gear sales with SidelineSwap directly within INFLCR. Giving them one central location to see their revenue for every Verified opportunity. For amateur athletes, this means their SidelineSwap revenue will be reported to their athletic department’s compliance staff.


“As a former college athlete, I recognized the missed opportunity of letting my gear collect dust after graduation. With recent changes to NCAA rules, we’re excited to help this generation of athletes tap into the value of their gear,” says Brendan Candon, cofounder and CEO of SidelineSwap.

Athletes will be directed straight to SidelineSwap to set up their account. Once their account on SidelineSwap has been set up, they can start selling immediately or wait to be contacted by an account manager who will answer any questions they have and help them get started.

In addition to selling directly on the SidelineSwap platform themselves, INFLCR athletes will have access to a white-glove Seller Assist program where they can simply box-up their higher-value items and ship them to SidelineSwap so that they can handle resale on behalf of the athlete.

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