October 25, 2021

Samford Partners With INFLCR To Launch The Standard

From Samford University Athletics:

Samford University Athletics is excited to introduce The Samford Standard, a comprehensive Name, Image, and Likeness program designed to provide educational training, social media tools, and individualized support that will assist Samford’s 390-plus student-athletes in maximizing their brand, platforms, development, and opportunities.

“As the state of Alabama has been at the forefront of Name, Image and Likeness legislation, it was important to us to find a partner that could serve our student-athletes’ needs while providing the resources necessary for the continued development of our Bulldogs,” Director of Athletics Martin Newton said. “The Samford Standard, a partnership with Birmingham-based INFLCR and INFLCR-Plus, will become a part of our student-athletes’ everyday lives and we’re excited to put The Samford Standard into practice.”

Since the fall of 2020, Samford has partnered with INFLCR, the leading content and compliance program for elite athletic programs across the country, to provide digital media content to its student-athletes. Today’s announcement further illustrates Samford’s commitment to the student-athlete and the digital age.

“With Samford’s investments in technology, leadership is setting its athletes and staff up for success in the name, image, and likeness era of college sports,” said Jim Cavale, INFLCR founder and CEO. “Through our partnership, athletes gain access to content and education to assist them in building their brands as well as access to marketplaces where they can assess verified NIL opportunities, which they can capitalize on in a safe and compliant manner. INFLCR Plus gives athletes the data and analytics to customize their NIL strategy and maximize their storytelling efforts while also providing staff with the guidance and insights to shape the department’s messaging, ultimately bolstering its presence with recruits and fans. We are excited to serve as an integral part of the Samford Standard NIL program and empower Bulldog athletes with the tools and resources to build their brands with integrity and authenticity.”

This comprehensive partnership delivers educational instruction on personal branding and brand management, basic business formation and financial literacy, intellectual property, and opportunity management, including how to properly monetize social media, personal appearances, merchandising, camps and clinics, and in-kind deals.

The Samford Standard will become a key component of the Department’s Office of Student-Athlete Wellbeing to create a holistic approach to developing the Bulldogs during their time at Samford and for life beyond the field of play. This unified approach enhances academic, career development, community engagement, multicultural services and programming, leadership growth, and mental health and wellness services that are already in place.

“Our administration is committed to ensuring all Bulldog student-athletes maximize their time at Samford and I am confident that our team will provide one of the most comprehensive and well-rounded NIL programs in the country,” Newton added.

INFLCR is the leading content and compliance platform for elite athletic programs, educating and preparing staff and athletes for the NIL era, all powered by best-in-class content delivery via mobile app. INFLCR works with more than 2,900 collegiate and professional sports teams with a network of over 54,000 active athlete users.

With revolutionary new products like the Compliance Exchange, Storyteller Playbook, and administrator dashboard, INFLCR enhances the athlete experience with a comprehensive solution for responsible brand-building on social media, as well as a fully compliant path to external commercial activity from NIL.

Visit www.inflcr.com for more information.

INFLCR Plus | How It Works
INFLCR’s NIL team assists college athletic departments in the implementation of content, compliance, and recruiting strategies to support athletics programs navigating new challenges and dynamics coming from student-athlete Name, Image, and Likeness commercial activities. INFLCR’s Plus offerings equip athletics staff with the software, assets, and guidance to maximize their messaging to potential recruits while providing unique insights for current student-athletes looking to build their brands and benefit from NIL opportunities.

As more and more athletic departments launch custom NIL programs at their institutions, INFLCR’s NIL team works to make each program unique while providing technology, resources, and support aimed at providing best-case scenarios for student-athletes who are looking to participate in monetization activities or better market themselves for career opportunities from their NIL.

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