December 10, 2019

Rhode Island Joins INFLCR Team As First A-10 Partner

Rams sign multi-sport deal to boost digital footprint for student-athletes

INFLCR is excited to welcome Rhode Island Athletics to the team with a multi-sport partnership.

Student-athletes, coaches and staff from the Rams’ football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball teams will gain access to photos, videos and graphics created by the Rhode Island Athletics Staff and delivered through the INFLCR software and mobile app, to share on their personal social-media channels.

“Equipping our student-athletes with the resources to build a positive brand while engaging them as storytellers for the University of Rhode Island through their social media channels, is imperative to our digital strategy,” said Matt Moeller, Associate Athletic Director for Marketing.

“INFLCR provides us an innovative platform to empower our current student-athletes, former student-athletes and future student-athletes while on campus, but also life after college, to serve as URI brand ambassadors/storytellers while providing them real-time access to the content. We are thrilled to be the first Atlantic 10 school partnering with INFLCR, as we continue to invest in impactful student-athlete experiences.”

Rhode Island activated Men’s Basketball athletes leading up to their big game vs Providence on Friday, Dec. 6. More than 80 percent of the athletes activated their accounts within the first few hours of receiving invites, and downloaded + shared over 90 pieces of content in less than two days.

Rhode Island is the first Atlantic-10 program and third Colonial Athletic Association football team to join a rapidly expanding lineup of clients for the Birmingham, Ala.-based software company. INFLCR now serves more than 90 clients and more than 14,000 athletes from all levels of the NCAA.

“We are excited to see the administration at Rhode Island immediately recognize the opportunity that exists by empowering their student-athletes with content to tell their story,” INFLCR founder and CEO Jim Cavale said. “Helping them build their personal brands within the context of the URI brand will help them make the most of their time in the spotlight of college athletics.”

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How It Works

INFLCR’s platform helps clients like Rhode Island send internal media and national photography content to personalized galleries for each of their athletes, coaches and other brand ambassadors.

Those athletes and brand ambassadors are able to access their content galleries through the INFLCR mobile app, and can then share the content to their personal social media accounts.

After the fact, Rhode Island is able to measure the increased audience engagement coming from the much-larger collective audience of those athletes and brand ambassadors.

Rhode Island plans to use this approach to bolster their online presence in a way that impacts event attendance, recruiting, fundraising, and other strategic goals.

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