June 7, 2023

Retain Integration Update

Earlier this year, we announced the acquisition of Retain into Teamworks' Operating System of Sports™. Since then we have built key integrations with Teamworks Hub, to deliver the best and most complete technology to support academics and student-athlete development. Read on to learn more about these key updates.

Integration Updates

The integrations between Retain and Teamworks Hub have a meaningful impact on academic users. These integrations simplify the student-athlete and administration experience while providing a glimpse into the future of Teamworks' ecosystem of connected apps. The foundational focus of all Teamworks integrations is to deliver a mobile front door for student-athletes to manage their on and off-the-field responsibilities and provide the administrators with a streamlined user experience where they can easily access their purpose-built tools. These initial connections between Hub and Retain certainly hit both of those marks, and schools that use both Teamworks Hub and Retain can look forward to the following improvements:

Single Sign-on For Admins & Single App Experience for Athletes

Let's start with the basics before we get to all the new connected features and functions. The full Retain suite of Academics, Pathways, and Pulse is connected with Teamworks Hub via a single sign-on with the master Teamworks credentials. 

What's even better for the student-athletes is they no longer have to navigate to Retain to perform academic actions. We've made it easy for student-athlete to access Retain's functionality by navigating to the "More" menu in the Teamworks app.


We are excited to announce the 2-way calendar integration between Retain, Pathways, and Pulse into the Teamworks Hub Calendar. This provides both student-athlete and administrators a single calendar view across both platforms, including calendar appointments, events, AND class schedules.


One of Teamworks Hub's most highly engaged features with student-athletes is the Tasks module. It is the one place on the mobile dashboard where the athlete knows to look for all required action items. And now they can see actions they need to take as required by multiple parties across the athletic department (i.e., all the departments that use Teamworks products!)

Now Pathways, Pulse, and non-academic Retain (i.e., administrative, academic tasks like scheduling with a tutor) will appear on the Teamworks Hub Task list. These tasks will are sorted by due date to ensure that the most pressing tasks are always seen first. Once a task is clicked, the student-athlete will be brought directly to where they need to take action.

For example, post-season surveys will now appear on the Teamworks Task List, where the student-athletes look every day. When they click on the task, they will be taken directly to the Pulse app to complete their survey.


Check-ins now happen in one app - Teamworks. The existing Teamworks check-ins functionality will now support Retain's kiosk module. Student-athletes need one app - Teamworks, and they can check in to study hall or other academic-based activities such as community service events.

Roster Sync

Last but certainly not least, we have developed a roster sync between Retain and Teamworks Hub. This allows for more accuracy in your roster information. Teamworks will serve as the source of truth for basic athlete roster information. When any updates are made, they will automatically be synced with the athlete information that is recorded in Retain.

To learn more about these integrations, please reach out to your customer success rep.

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