December 29, 2020

Product Release: INFLCR App Face ID Login For All Student-Athletes

Just a few weeks after sharing the Teamworks-INFLCR product roadmap for the NIL era, INFLCR is excited to announce the launch of improved ease of access for INFLCR app users, who can now log into the mobile app using face recognition.

After loading this new update on the INFLCR app, all student-athletes, coaches, and staff with FaceID capabilities on their mobile device will be able to log in to the INFLCR mobile app faster than ever.

Currently, INFLCR student-athletes log in to the app an average 6.1 times per week, in-season, and thanks to continued app improvements like FaceID login, we expect that number to continue to rise.

With SMS push notifications, automated tagging of content through artificial intelligence, and other features targeting speed in the content delivery workflow, athletes have content available to them instantly to download and share.

Following the recent product launch of In-App Social Media Metrics, this additional product feature adds to the growing list of releases made possible by the joint development efforts of the Teamworks and INFLCR engineering teams, following the successful round of funding raised by Teamworks earlier this year.

In 2020, INFLCR’s development team has delivered one new version release per month on average, including features such as jersey number recognition via artificial intelligence, Teamworks API connections for streamlined customer onboarding, and multiple third-party media partner integrations, among dozens of improvements to the user experience in the INFLCR mobile application.

As many of our 90+ collegiate partners continue to sign partnerships lasting through 2025, we’re working even harder to listen to what they and their student-athletes need from our technology, and we’re creating a product roadmap based on their trust in INFLCR and our ability to adapt in the face of uncertainty around final regulations for Name, Image, & Likeness in college sports.

Instructions for INFLCR Clients and Athletes

  1. Download the newest version of the INFLCR app
  2. If your phone supports FaceID, you will receive a prompt asking you if you want to enable it
  3. You can disable the FaceID login option in Settings

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