March 15, 2021

Product Announcement: Single Sign-On Login Between Teamworks And INFLCR

INFLCR and Teamworks are announcing the launch of Single Sign-On, a new feature that gives easier login access to student-athletes at INFLCR and Teamworks client schools.

After updating the INFLCR app, all Teamworks student-athletes, coaches, and staff will be able to log in to the INFLCR with the tap of a button.

Read the product description from INFLCR’s November 2020 State of NIL:

“We’re really excited to announce…that we are exclusively integrating the Teamworks platform with the INFLCR platform. So just like you use Gmail, and you’re able to log in to YouTube using Gmail, along with another suite of apps, you can now log in to INFLCR using your Teamworks log in. The two platforms will talk to each other.

The two platforms will begin talking together, and to each other in Q1 of 2021. And we’re really excited about that, because having exclusive integration between the platform that is Teamworks and the platform that is INFLCR is going to be really saving the time of you, as staff, and your student athletes, to create a better user experience for the NIL era.”

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