October 4, 2018

Podcast: INFLCR Founder Jim Cavale Talks Start-Up Strategy

INFLCR founder and CEO Jim Cavale (left) has landed more than 20 clients in the company’s first year of existence.

Jim Cavale and key members of the Influencer (INFLCR) sales and marketing team are learning a lot this week in Dallas as part of the Stadia Ventures Accelerator Program. INFLCR was one of five early stage start-ups selected for the prestigious program, which will help the one-year-old company plan its next phases of strategy.

Cavale has already learned much on his entrepreneurial journey — things he has put into practice as the mission and strategy for INFLCR came into focus in the first 12 months of existence. He shared some insight into that and more in an extensive interview with Neil Horowitz on the Digital and Social Media Sports Podcast.

An excerpt:

Cavale decided to start by taking INFLCR to college athletics. He knew the space and had a hunch they’d get a ton of value out of his product. That was his start – an idea, a beta product, and what he hoped would be the right idea for the right market, but, as Cavale explained, it’s not a linear pathway from point a) to point b), and entrepreneurs must thoughtfully navigate the twists and turns.

“You have to persevere through…and get to the point where the market will not only use your product, they will pay to you use your product, so that they can give you feedback because you never will launch with product-market fit ever,” who currently has several big college athletics programs using the INFLCR platform as the 2018-19 athletic year kicked off. “You will have to get people to pay you to then pay you again by giving you the feedback…to get you to product-market fit. And that’s if you don’t run out of cash in the meantime…”

Check out the full article and listen to the full podcast interview.

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