November 7, 2022

University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown Case Study: Why Teamworks is a "Must"

"Teamworks is a must. There's no if, ands, or buts about it. No matter what division, it's an absolute necessity to have."

Abby Gearhart, Associate Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator at the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, talks about how Teamworks is "a must" to drive operational efficiencies in collegiate athletic departments.

What drove your decision to come on board with Teamworks?

When you're part of a DII institution, you wear many, many hats. Teamworks just screams efficiency and effectiveness, and that is so clutch for us. We have five different job titles, so streamlining communication is everything. Teamworks definitely provided that for us.

What are some of the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis and how has Teamworks helped?

Our challenge as a DII institution is communication. There are so many different ways to communicate and that's why I love Teamworks. It centralizes everything for us and our coaches, who wear many hats as well. Teamworks puts everything in a centralized location from travel plans to scheduling the gym.

What component of Teamworks are you most excited for?

I love building relationships, so the communication technology was big for me. I want to connect with alumni better and have a database, which Teamworks definitely provides.

How has Teamworks elevated the student-athlete experience?

Teamworks is a game-changer because it’s all-encompassing in one app. Being a college student is hard enough trying to balance your academics, practices, and social life. Teamworks truly simplifies everything and streamlines it all in one spot.

How has your communication changed since your adoption of Teamworks?

In the past, it was a little bit of everything with GroupMe, email, and word of mouth. Let's be honest, our students and coaches don't all check their email. Having an app where they can access their text messages, schedule, and practice times is so clutch.

What comes to mind when you think of Teamworks? 

When I think of Teamworks, I think of family. I think of care. They wanted to know what our institution's needs were, and made it happen.

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