June 14, 2021


The Patriot League and INFLCR have entered into an innovative multi-year partnership to empower conference-member student-athletes to share content and to manage student-athlete Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) activities through the new INFLCR Verified platform.

In preparation for NIL opportunities to become available to student-athletes, and as Patriot League institutions look toward the provision of education to our student-athletes and staff members, INFLCR Verified will provide Patriot League institutions with comprehensive software that drives content strategy, while also providing compliance tools for staff and student-athletes.

The Patriot League is the first NCAA Division I conference to provide league-wide support for its member institutions in a partnership with INFLCR Verified.

“Being able to partner with an industry leader like INFLCR is an exciting step for the Patriot League, our member institutions and most of all our student-athletes,” Patriot League Commissioner Jennifer Heppel said.

“Our shared mission of prioritizing the personal development and growth of our student-athletes is of fundamental importance. This partnership will provide tangible tools for our student-athletes and institutions to use in reaching their full potential.”

Watch the video interview between Commissioner Heppel and INFLCR CEO Jim Cavale

The partnership includes the use of INFLCR and INFLCR Verified department-wide for all Patriot League institutions.

“This new partnership with the Patriot League is unique and innovative in that it will help all of the institutions in the conference prepare their departments for the NIL era,” said INFLCR CEO Jim Cavale.

“By providing each Patriot League institution with a department-wide INFLCR Verified solution, the conference is leading from the front and empowering all Patriot League student-athletes to grow their brands and educate themselves on the new opportunities that are coming soon from NIL.”

INFLCR: Content delivery and brand-building

Student-athletes, coaches, staff and other brand ambassadors will gain access to photos, videos, and graphics produced by the member institutions, delivered through the INFLCR software and mobile app, to share on their personal and team social-media channels. This access enables each student-athlete the opportunity to share their story and grow their brand.

The relationship will also leverage INFLCR’s existing partnerships with USA Today IMAGN photography and Atlantic Records music to provide national-media content to the conference members for editorial use.

INFLCR Verified: Compliance and Educational Resources

INFLCR’s software will provide transaction monitoring for student-athlete commercial activity that happens through INFLCR-vetted companies, visible through the INFLCR Compliance Ledger.

The Ledger automatically pulls information from the Compliance Exchange, an in-app integration hub that allows student-athletes to see INFLCR-vetted companies and opt into third-party NIL transactions, once that is available and allowed according to official policy.

For transactions that are not automatically captured from the INFLCR Compliance Exchange, student-athletes will have the ability to self-report transactions in the INFLCR app.

Student-athletes will have access to educational video resources in the Storyteller Playbook, which will provide ongoing NIL and brand strategy content from a variety of athletes and industry experts.


The Patriot League is in its fourth decade of academic and athletic achievement, continually demonstrating that student-athletes can excel at both academics and athletics without sacrificing high standards. The Patriot League’s athletic success is achieved while its member institutions remain committed to its founding principle of admitting and graduating student-athletes that are academically representative of their class. Participation in athletics at Patriot League institutions is viewed as an important component of a well-rounded education.

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