June 9, 2023

Integration Update: SSO, Mobile Front Door, and Teamworks Nav

Since the launch of The Operating System for Sports™ and the recent acquisition of six best-in-class technologies, Teamworks has been focused on key integrations that will help our partners connect, focus, and empower their staff and athletes. 

Our goal is to provide ONE app for athletes to manage their responsibilities on and off the field, and ONE platform for staff to access purpose-built tools. The first set of integrations has begun rolling out across current Teamworks customers. These include:

Read on to learn more about the benefits of these integrations and when they’ll be available.

Single Sign-On

With Single Sign-On (SSO), your staff and athletes only need to remember their ONE Teamworks ID to access any of the purpose-built tools on The Operating System for Sports™. Desktop or mobile, only one set of master Teamworks credentials is needed. SSO is live and available for the following products: Hub, INFLCR, Notemeal, Whistle, Retain, Pulse, and Communities. SSO for ARMS and Smartabase are expected later in 2023.

Single Sign-On with Teamworks

Mobile Front Door for Athletes

The Teamworks Mobile App is the ONE place your athletes need to go to view their dashboards, manage their tasks and calendars, and more. A beta release of the Mobile Front Door is planned for August 2023 for the following products: Hub, ARMS, INFLCR, Retain, Pulse.

Teamworks Mobile Front Door

Teamworks Navigation

Whichever Teamworks’ products your organization uses, the new Teamworks Navigation allows users to easily access and switch between them for a seamless experience. Enjoy consistent dashboards and menu bars within each product and efficiently manage all of your department’s needs from one platform. A beta release of the Mobile Front Door is planned for August 2023 for the following products: Hub, ARMS, INFLCR.

Teamworks Navigation

Learn More

Curious about how we’re integrating the best-in-class products available on The Operating System for Sports™?  Visit our Operating System for Sports™ page or contact us to learn more. 

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