October 7, 2019

Open Letter – INFLCR’s Impactful Future With Teamworks

I am very blessed to announce that INFLCR is joining forces with Teamworks in a business deal that will exponentially grow our impact on athlete storytellers and their respective teams in the days, months, and years that lie ahead.

INFLCR was founded on our core purpose to serve athletes. My team is very passionate about this – it is the reason that the INFLCR brand exists and it’s at the core of our culture.

Since our launch in September 2017, we’ve been blessed to activate more than 10,000 collegiate and professional athletes on the INFLCR app, through software subscriptions with more than 400 NCAA Division I teams.

More than 115,000 pictures and videos have been downloaded and shared by our athlete user community to their social media channels, reaching an audience larger than 20M people on Instagram and Twitter, impacting the branding, recruiting, and operational efficiencies of our college athletics clients and the digital character footprint aka social media accounts of their student-athletes.

Teamworks was founded to empower athletes through software that manages their lives off of the field or court, so that they can play their best on it. The overlap between our software platforms, staffs, and visions for impact in the world of sports tech is strong.

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As a fellow former collegiate student-athlete, Teamworks CEO Zach Maurides has been a cherished friend and mentor along my journey in building INFLCR. For us to unite our respective teams and visions in building these two brands together, is a dream come true.

At the core of the vision that INFLCR and Teamworks share is the priority of putting athletes first, something we sum up at INFLCR as the #ATH1ETES movement. This vision will continue to drive our future with Teamworks, as we are able to impact more college athletics team brands, and thus more student-athletes, with the INFLCR platform.

Join Teamworks CEO Zach Maurides and me on Tuesday October 15, 2019 at 1p ET for a live webinar from the Teamworks HQ, to hear more about this vision and how it will impact the athletes and teams we’ll serve together.

With Impact In Mind,

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