January 30, 2020

Open Letter – INFLCR’s 100 College Athletics Clients

We announced some big news last week, as Texas A&M athletics added an All-Sports deal to become our 100th college athletics client!

Since February 2018, we’ve activated more than 500 college teams onto the INFLCR platform, delivering content in real-time to over 17,000 student-athletes on their INFLCR app.

These #Ath1etes have used their INFLCR app to download and/or share more than 500,000 pieces of content to their social media channels, reaching an audience bigger than 50M.

And the best part is that we are just getting started. The #Ath1etes movement is here and you have believed in it since the beginning.


All of this has led to our recent merger with Teamworks will only expedite our growth beyond 100,000 student-athletes.

The success of INFLCR is laying the foundation for all that lies ahead in college sports for the teams and #Ath1etes that operate storytelling channels that tens of millions of fans care about deeply — installing the piping to deliver content through the social channels controlling the narrative of their story and their university, while also installing the ledger to track it all as it happens on social.

Without your belief in my team and I, coupled with your innovative investment into the INFLCR platform, none of this would be possible.

You’re innovative. You’re ready for the new era.

I continue to be encouraged about all that lies ahead and I am humbled to be partners with you and your organization, as we continue to innovate together.

With Impact In Mind,

Jim Cavale

INFLCR Founder & CEO

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