October 28, 2020

Oklahoma State Football Bridges The Gap Between Limited Access At Away Games And Real-Time Social Posts

Due to COVID protocols limiting team access, Oklahoma State is utilizing INFLCR as the video exchange platform between creative staff on the road and social team back in Stillwater.

Content is captured onsite, then immediately upload to INFLCR. The staff in Stillwater chooses clips and creates the posts, engaging fans in real-time.

“Uploading directly to INFLCR allowed us to tag the players/coaches instantly, and the download the clips for use on social media. It worked exactly as advertised,” said Stephen Howard, Associate AD.

Howard went on to say it was such a hit that the staff has implemented the same workflow with the Men’s Basketball team. Their Creative Director, Courtney Bay, has moved the Men’s Basketball recruiting hub to INFLCR to give coaches a one-stop shop for all their graphics, photos and videos to send to recruits.

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