How Teamworks Vitalizes Oklahoma Baseball's Plan for Success

Ryan GainesDirector of Baseball OperationsUniversity of OklahomaHow does Teamworks fit into your program’s success?- SAVES TIMEThe amount of time that we have to spend on planning and communicating with the team has been significantly reduced, which allows us to invest more time one-on-one with our student-athletes.- CREATES BUY-INTeamworks improves the buy-in within our program from the moment people arrive. When we show new players or staff how we run our program, Teamworks gives us a level of professionalism and credibility. We have an established, organized system to help us accomplish our goals, and we can confidently say that if they buy into this plan, it’s going to result in success, whether that’s individually or as a team.- REMOVES DOUBTTeamworks helps us by removing doubt from our program. If a schedule changes, we’re able to communicate effectively with everyone at one time. We can even see who has read their messages. There’s never a doubt about anyone on our team missing an appointment. This is an effective platform to allow everyone the opportunity to be on the same page.What differences have you seen in Oklahoma Baseball as a result of Teamworks?Teamworks has been a valuable resource in the recruiting process.Time management is very important to parents, and one of the main questions we always get is: "What will a day in their life look like?" We are able to pull our phone out, open the app and show the recruits and families exactly that. The investment we have made in Teamworks helps them adjust to college and the day-to-day commitments they have as a student- athlete.Teamworks has helped us improve the efficiency of each specific task.We used to feed everyone the same pregame meal because it was easier, but now on Teamworks, we have a form where our athletes can select what they want. Everyone has a different nutrition plan, so our nutritionist helps design the menus for the players to they can choose from on their phones. That’s just one example of how Teamworks impacts every aspect of our program.This is how millennials communicate.Teamworks allows us to communicate more effectively with our athletes. For example, we have a form on Teamworks for players to choose their walk-up songs. That’s better for them than having to go and write it on a sheet of paper in the clubhouse. They don’t relate to that. Our athletes don’t use pens and pencils as much as they do their fingers. We realized that if we didn’t evolve, we were not going to be effective communicators with the demographic that we were trying to reach.How have your athletes responded to using Teamworks?Our players really enjoy Teamworks because now they always know what’s going on, which makes them feel comfortable. They love that everything they need to know, bring or even wear to any appointment, class or meeting is all in Teamworks. They know that Teamworks is where they go for their information or communication, so they never have to worry.Why does every baseball team need Teamworks?Teamworks is simply the best way for a baseball team to operate. If you want to get the most out of your program in all aspects of your program, you need Teamworks. It will get everyone on the same page, from academics to the strength staff to whoever is in charge of travel. Teamworks will allow the coaches to spend more time developing their athletes, because they won’t have to worry as much about planning. This is a product that truly benefits coaches, staff and student-athletes.

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