April 20, 2023

New Zealand Warriors: Unlocking Efficiencies

About the New Zealand Warriors

The NZ Warriors are a National Rugby League (NRL) team based in Auckland, New Zealand. The Warriors implemented Teamworks' Hub to streamline communication in 2021 and recently began using INFLCR to help athletes build their personal brands.

“After the successful implementation of Teamworks Hub, the extension of our partnership to include INFLCR was another positive step forward in Glenn Harris unlocking efficiencies within the organisation.”
- Glenn Harris, GM Marketing & Business Development, New Zealand Warriors

Why did the NZ Warriors partner with INFLCR?

After the successful implementation of Teamworks Hub, the extension of our partnership to include INFLCR was another positive step forward in unlocking efficiencies within the organisation and complementing our people to maximise success on and off the field.

What has been your overall experience with INFLCR and its operational impact?

Given their confidence in the Teamworks Hub platform, our athletes were quick to adopt INFLCR as the single source of content for use on their social channels, thereby expanding the overall reach of our branded content.

Can you describe life before and after INFLCR?

Prior to the introduction of INFLCR, staff and athletes were limited to resharing published content or requesting imagery from internal/external creators. With imagery continuously uploaded into INFLCR, users now have self-service access to individual and club content without any additional administrative input from the Communications team.

How have your players reacted to the INFLCR App?

Use of social media varies across the athlete group, but the response to INFLCR has been overwhelmingly positive among those who understand their personal brand value, both as an individual and as a collective. Leveraging their comfort with the Teamworks app, having SSO capability for INFLCR facilitates its ease of use combined with the simple site layout and intuitive navigation.

If someone asked you to quantify the value of INFLCR, what would you say?

As with Teamworks Hub, INFLCR has unlocked significant efficiencies within the organisation allowing for the optimisation of human resource into areas that create greater and sustained customer and commercial value.

What would you tell another colleague who is interested in INFLCR?

Within an increasingly disruptive consumer environment, INFLCR helps to maximise the reach and quality of the brand experience through empowering all people within the organisation to become content creators.    

The Operating System for Sports™

With Hub and INFLCR available on Teamworks’ Operating System for Sports™, pro teams like the NZ Warriors can simplify their tech stacks, realise more efficiencies and enjoy a single mobile app for everything they need. Contact us to explore how Teamworks can help your organisation. 

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