Notre Dame Softball Coach Leverages Consistency

Deanna GumpfHead Softball CoachUniversity of Notre DameWhat is the most noticeable difference in your program since you started using Teamworks?The most noticeable difference in our program is the reduction of frustration. Before Teamworks, when things changed, we had to print off and email out a new set of calendars. It created confusion in the program about which calendar was the most updated or correct. Teamworks allows to have a constantly evolving calendar that is still really consistent. The players can check it any day, any time. It keeps everything super simple.How do your players feel about Teamworks?Do you know why my players love it? The calendar system, and the way we’re able to update it, allows them to always know when and where they need to be. On Teamworks, the players can see the calendar for the whole year. We show everything we are doing on the calendar, so there are no surprises. We’re not going to amend things all the time, but when we do, we can easily send out a quick Teamworks message. That makes it easy for everyone to stay up to date on everything. The players like Teamworks because it helps them plan out their lives in advance. It’s an easy and consistent road map.What advantage does Teamworks give your program?With Teamworks, the advantage is consistency, which is something we always strive for in everything we do. When you’re consistent, you’re one step ahead. Teamworks helps in all aspects of that goal. A calendar that is consistent with everything else in your program sends a consistent message. Communication, along with everything else we do to run our program, became much easier when we started using Teamworks because everything is in one location.What is your favorite feature of Teamworks?The ease of messaging and email. Anything I want to send. If I want to send it all at the same time, I can do that. It’s a simple process. You don’t even have to know what you’re doing, and you can do it. The messaging on Teamworks is ideal for someone who’s not very tech savvy, and that is me.How would you describe the value of Teamworks to your program?The value of Teamworks is in the improvement of communication, accountability and consistency within our program. It’s so valuable, we want to use it department-wide. That would be ideal for us. I would 100% recommend Teamworks to other programs. With the ease of it, I’m not sure how or why you would want to run a program any other way. We love it. We’re big believers.

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