December 8, 2022

Notemeal Year in Review: 2022

In October 2021, Teamworks acquired Notemeal after recognizing its leadership position in the nutrition space. At the time of acquisition, Notemeal had just five full-time employees; since joining Teamworks, the team has tripled in size and experienced explosive growth. 

 The last year has been one of learning, growing, and innovating as Notemeal has established itself as the leading nutrition platform for collegiate departments, professional and tactical organizations. 

The team has spent time educating the features and functions of Notemeal but also emphasizing its ability to drive efficiency with sports dietitians and human performance departments. Using Notemeal allows dietitians to make a 3-hour-long task of building a custom meal plan and turning that into a 3-minute task. Wow!

Here is a recap of the highlights Notemeal has experienced in the last year:

 By the Numbers:

Key Innovations:

 Seamless Logins:

2022 was all about enhancing the user experience. As Notemeal joined the Teamworks family, we focused on consolidating the login so existing Teamworks users can seamlessly link profiles across applications and get the information they need in fewer clicks!

Timeline Meals:

Our product team is about making the dietitian and end users' experience easier - especially regarding food logging. We made enhancements to the athlete timeline by adding a Consolidated Meals feature, enabling quick access to different menus and food log types.

Menu Integrations:

The menu integration feature was a behind-the-scenes improvement for customers with our Performance Kitchen product. By creating partnerships and integrations with food service providers, we have dramatically decreased the time it takes to set up the performance kitchen and provided access to more accurate and real-time nutrient information.

What’s Next in 2023

We will continue to drive value for Notemeal by focusing on updates to increase the value delivered to athletes via our mobile app and creating maximum impact for sports dietitians. Here are a few ways we are doing this:

  • Auto-Onboarding of Athletes: getting athletes onto Notemeal quicker
  • Meal Plan Templates: share meal plans with my athletes by creating templates based on athlete's anthro data to start optimizing fueling quicker
  • Profile Tags: ability to create an even more customized and personalized experience for athletes in their Notemeal App

Thank you to all of our customers for your support over the past year, we look forward to a bright 2023!

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