June 7, 2022

Notemeal to Provide Enhanced Performance Nutrition for LSU

Baton Rouge, LA [Tuesday, June 7, 2022] – Notemeal, the leading athlete performance nutrition platform, is pleased to announce Louisiana State University’s department-wide investment in the Sports Dietitian and Performance Kitchen platforms. LSU will leverage the technology to elevate sports performance through personalized athlete nutrition.

“From a health and wellness perspective, Notemeal allows our registered dietitians to play a more active role in the fueling choices the student-athletes make by providing a greater variety of options to fit prescribed meal planning,” said Shelly Mullenix, Senior Associate AD for Health and Wellness. “The ability of our Performance Nutrition Center to work collaboratively with Notemeal allows tracking of macro and micronutrients at our own facility in addition to local eateries. The practicality of the tool as a mobile device is an innovative way to engage with student-athletes.” 

Notemeal’s Sports Dietitian platform will support Tiger student-athletes and nutrition staff in personalizing meal plans, capturing food logs, and allowing team dietitians to provide feedback to their athletes on food choices in real-time. Together with the Performance Kitchen technology, athletes can view personalized meal suggestions and order meals directly on their mobile devices. 

Notemeal’s web and mobile solutions are used daily by over 200 sports dietitians to more efficiently reach 10,000+ athletes across elite athletics.

“Notemeal is a meal planning app that allows individualized nutritional goals for student-athletes and helps us specialize to their needs. This helps us provide elite-level education, service, and balance while supporting the performance and recovery goals of our student-athletes. The ability to work alongside our chefs to learn student-athlete preferences gives us the opportunity to provide nutrient dense meals that taste great.” said Dr. Matt Frakes, Assistant AD for Sports Nutrition.

“Louisiana State University is providing all Tiger student-athletes the tools to enhance their performance nutrition through our leading technology,” said Founder and General Manager of Notemeal, Sean Harrington. “Utilizing Notemeal gives each athlete access to personalized nutrition and education that they will be able to take with them beyond their time on campus. This commitment to the student-athlete experience is why we’re thrilled to welcome LSU to the Notemeal family.”


About Notemeal

Notemeal is integrating sports dietitians and performance kitchens to optimize athlete nutrition. Our web and mobile solutions are used daily by over 200 sports dietitians to more efficiently reach over 10,000 athletes across elite athletics. From meal plans and food logs to catering meals and menu building, Notemeal is the industry-leading performance nutrition platform.

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