May 24, 2023

Notemeal New Feature: Multi-Order Kiosk

As the leading athlete performance nutrition platform, Notemeal has always allowed pro and college athletes and attendees at events like the NFL Combine to use mobile meal ordering on the go. The new multi-ordering feature extends this convenience and simplicity by enabling them to select multiple meals via a Kiosk or the Notemeal mobile app. 

With multi-ordering, dietitians can create a single menu from which athletes and service members can quickly select all their meals and snacks for the day in one go from a Kiosk or their mobile app. Maybe it’s grabbing a smoothie in the morning from a fueling station, a sandwich at lunch, and an after-practice snack – all can now be ordered from a single menu. This saves the dietitian time and provides more flexibility for the athlete. 

It’s simple for a dietitian to enable multi-ordering, control the menus you’d like your athletes to be able to order from using the Kiosk, and optionally set a limit on how many items they can choose from each menu. 

When an athlete goes to the Kiosk, they can use the menu preview to get a glimpse of the options for that day’s meals and snacks and place their orders. The menu will auto-generate meal suggestions that best match the macronutrient goals of the athlete. The athlete can choose from one of these suggestions, a recent order, or make their own custom selections from the menu.

Using Notemeal for multi-ordering allows athletes to select their food and beverages for the entire day in a matter of moments. They can select and schedule all their food and drinks in one go. If they need a reminder of where or when each meal or snack will be available, they can simply pull up the Notemeal app on their phone. 

Multi-ordering also benefits staff in the performance kitchen, who will now know in advance which meals and snacks to prepare for each athlete, rather than having to wait for them to make single selections throughout the day. This expedites preparation and frees up time for other tasks. Your organization can also save money by limiting the number of menus and items that can be used with multi-ordering so athletes don’t over-order and waste food. 

To learn more about how Notemeal makes performance nutrition easy, contact us today.

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