October 4, 2021

Teamworks and Notemeal Team Up to Optimize Sports Performance

Teamworks and Notemeal Team Up to Optimize Sports Performance.

DURHAM, NC – [Monday, October 4, 2021] – Teamworks, the operating system for elite athletic organizations announced today its acquisition of Notemeal, a performance nutrition platform that connects dietitians, athletes, and kitchens to optimize team nutrition. Teamworks’ investment in Notemeal will bring leading nutrition technology to the table as it continues to holistically meet the needs of athletes.

Notemeal elevates sports performance by empowering the athlete to make mindful fuel choices and meet their nutritional goals each and every meal. Organizations like the Indianapolis Colts, Northwestern University Athletics, and the United States Special Operations Command rely on Notemeal daily for an optimized fueling experience including meal planning, meal ordering, performance nutrition analysis, and more.

Today, Teamworks partners with over 4,000 elite athletic organizations worldwide to empower their athletes. With Notemeal, Teamworks’ mission of empowering athletes continues to strengthen through the expansion of tools focused on supporting athlete physical well-being, health, and performance. Together, these companies will continue to simplify processes and make organizations more efficient through technology, allowing the entire ecosystem to continue to focus their support on the athlete.

“The elite sports nutrition market is a half-billion dollar market and growing. Since 2015, elite athletic organizations have been hiring sports dietitians, building performance kitchens and fueling centers, and prioritizing a personalized approach to athlete nutrition. Since inception, Teamworks has focused on helping athletic organizations serve the athlete through the power of technology. With the introduction of products supporting travel, academics, time management, and more recently, branding and NIL through the acquisition of INFLCR, we are increasingly focused on being the comprehensive operating system for elite athletics,” said Zach Maurides, CEO and Founder of Teamworks.“

Now, with the addition of Notemeal, we have expanded into the sports performance space and are thrilled to be bringing the industry leader in elite sports nutrition technology into our suite of products."

Notemeal has been the fastest-growing sports technology company in the elite athletics space. In the last five years, the sports dietetics market has surged, driven by an increased industry focus on fuel that goes into the body. The better athletes can understand how fuel influences their performance, the better athletes can use that fuel as a performance differentiator – empowering them to compete at the highest level.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen incredible growth with respect to investment in elite performance nutrition. For the first time ever, the majority of collegiate and professional sports organizations have at least 2 full-time dietitians, with larger, elite programs touting staff sizes of 4+. The roles and responsibilities of the sports RD continue to increase, with a growing amount of time spent in operations and food service. We see an incredible opportunity to automate and simplify highly-repeatable tasks with technology, giving time back to dietitians so that they can spend more time educating athletes,” said Sean Harrington, CEO and Co-Founder of Notemeal.

“Given the impact that schedules and communication have on athlete performance nutrition, we are thrilled to be working alongside the undisputed industry leader in both of these areas to accomplish this mission.”

About Notemeal

Notemeal is integrating sports dietitians and performance kitchens to optimize athlete nutrition. Our web and mobile solutions are used daily by over 200 sports dietitians to more efficiently reach over 10,000 athletes across elite athletics. From meal plans and food logs, to catering meals and menu building, Notemeal is the industry-leading performance nutrition platform.


About Teamworks

Teamworks is the operating system for elite athletics, empowering more than 4,000 clients around the world to better connect and collaborate by simplifying their internal processes. Based in Durham, North Carolina, and founded in 2004, Teamworks continues to invest heavily in technology and expand the team to respond to the increasing customer demand. Organizations that depend on Teamworks to create a culture of communication and accountability include collegiate athletic departments across Division I, II, and III, professional teams in the EPL, Premiership Rugby, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS and more. Visit teamworksstage.wpengine.com for more information. The Operating System for Elite Athletics

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