February 21, 2023

Notemeal: Innovating Personalization

When founders Sean Harrington and Kevin Kusch built Notemeal, the mission was simple - create a new fueling experience for athletes. At the time, dietitians worked endless hours, manually creating individual meal plans and providing nutrition education to the athletes they served. It was becoming a losing battle; the harder they worked, the more demand there was for their services. There was no way to scale the customization of intelligent and effective meal planning. 

Enter Notemeal.

While working in the NFL, Harrington quickly identified the glaring problems with the antiquated pen-and-paper methods used by most dietitians at professional sports teams and collegiate athletic departments. He also recognized that optimal nutrition drives enhanced performance, so if athletes can improve how they fuel themselves- even slightly - they have a better chance of outperforming their competition. This is the goal that Harrington, Kusch, and their team have been working towards, building tools that give dietitians the ability to personalize meal planning and nutritional education at scale while empowering athletes with the information and resources they need to make optimal choices on how they fuel their bodies.

Today, Notemeal has established itself as the leading athlete performance nutrition platform by listening to its users, understanding industry trends, and constantly innovating. This year will be a defining one for the product, with the rollout of a handful of key product feature enhancements empowering dietitians to be better at their jobs and continuing to integrate into Teamworks Hub, leveraging the operational efficiencies of the app that the athletes are already engaging with on a daily basis.

Personalization at Scale

The most recent product updates announced in mid-February were focused on delivering personalization at scale and enabling dietitians to make more of an impact for more athletes. Two featured updates:   

  • Profile Tags: allow dietitians to drive action within specific groups of athletes. Once the predetermined groups have been assigned relevant profile tags, you can share particular updates only applicable to a subset of athletes with one click through advanced selection. Learn More>>
  • Auto Onboarding: a faster way to get athletes set up with a meal plan - upon completing a few simple questions, athletes will automatically gain access to a meal plan template to begin a nutrition program. Learn More>>

Continued Evolution

The Notemeal team looks forward to continuing to share product innovations as they become available - here is something you can look forward to in the near future.

  • Teamworks Calendar Integration: Notemeal customers who also use Teamworks Hub will have full visibility into students’ Teamworks Calendar; this allows dietitians to dynamically create meal plan schedules that consider fueling windows in context with class and practice schedules. Stay Tuned for More>>

For more information on how to get started as a customer, reach out to your product success manager. If your organization is not yet using Notemeal, set up a time to learn the benefits of a purpose-built nutrition platform.

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