June 29, 2023

NIL Year 2: INFLCR Leading the Charge

On July 1st, 2023, NIL will officially hit the two-year mark. But for INFLCR, our story began much earlier. Since 2017, when NIL was merely a twinkle in the eyes of state legislatures, Jim Cavale and his team recognized the opportunities and challenges on the horizon for NIL. They launched INFLCR and began building the technology that today helps more than 90,000 student-athletes capitalize on this new world order. Let’s take a look at where we’ve been.

Joining Forces with Teamworks Was a Game-Changer

At the time of the acquisition, Jim Cavale, INFLCR’s founder and CEO, stated in an interview with Sports Business Journal that the partnership would "help us really speed up the process of going from 400 college teams to 2,000 and from 10,000 active athletes to 50,000, and then do the same at the pro level.”

Less than four years later, the results of this union surpassed expectations. Today, 90,000+ athletes and 3,500+ college and pro teams across the globe use INFLCR. We’ve quickly become the gold standard for content management, brand building, and NIL business management. 

Hear more from Cavale about joining forces with Teamworks.

We’re In This Together

Like any well-designed product, the key to our success has been the insights and inspiration we’ve gained from the student-athletes, schools, and partners we work with. 

Our campus visits in the Fall of ‘22, then again in the Spring of ‘23 highlighted some best practices from innovative schools. The annual NIL Summit has also been an incredible learning opportunity for us – feeding off the ambition and creativity of the NIL student-athletes is at the heart of what we do. 

Continued Commitment to the Athlete

INFLCR continues to be the leading no-fee enterprise NIL platform on the market, ensuring the athlete receives the maximum share of revenues. Product updates such as Fair Market Value within the app and continued integrations of INFLCR with Teamworks’ Operating System for Sports provide even more value for student-athletes and athletic departments.

Our strategic partnerships were also a highlight in Year 2. The power of INFLCR’s relationships with global brands like Meta, Invesco QQQ, Intuit TurboTax, Campus Ink, and the Brandr Group offered student-athletes more exciting opportunities and access to educational and career resources. 

Pioneering the Exchange & Working with Collectives

One of the most exciting opportunities in Year 2 of NIL has been the explosion of local exchanges and collectives. While annual numbers are still being finalized, a look back at the start of ‘23 shows the rapid and significant impact these are having on the flow of NIL money.

Schools are leveraging the INFLCR local exchange and the new Causes feature to more effectively and efficiently engage fans and donors. Collectives have also realized the benefits of working with INFLCR and are driving the demand for our platform.  

What’s Next for INFLCR?

All signs point to the rapid change we saw this past year carrying into the next. INFLCR will continue to drive innovation through collaboration, integration, and education. As student-athletes, schools, and businesses become more savvy, new and unexpected opportunities and challenges will arise. We can’t wait!!

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