March 14, 2023

Powering the NFL Combine: Teamworks Hub + Notemeal

While not as headline-grabbing as Anthony Richardson's performance at the 2023 NFL Combine, Teamworks’ Hub and Notemeal played a critical role in streamlining operations and delivering an exceptional athlete and staff experience. Trusted by 27 of 32 teams, and 100% of Power 5 schools, Teamworks has become synonymous with efficient football operations. 

One App for Scheduling & Messaging

Teamworks has been supporting the NFL Combine for the past three years, beginning with Notemeal – the leading athlete performance nutrition platform – in 2020. Since the successful initial rollout, the NFL has extended its use of Teamworks Hub by giving players and staff access to Hub during the four-day showcase. 

Hub enables teams to consolidate communication, scheduling, travel, and more so that players and staff can access all the information they need via a single, convenient mobile app. As most athletes already used Hub in college, there was no learning curve and it became a one-stop mobile platform for all 319 Combine athletes, 93 NFL staff, and 25 Combine personnel.

Each player had an individual Hub profile set up in advance. Hub allowed them to view their daily schedule, helping them plan for, arrive on time at, and participate in every event without missing anything. Athletes and their scout escorts accessed complete travel itineraries directly from their phones. Players and personnel also sent and received messages through Hub, consolidating communication at the Combine and eliminating scattered texts and WhatsApp messages. 

“The biggest help this year was having Khazia from Teamworks to troubleshoot before the players left registration. Ensuring they were on the app, everything was set up properly, and that – at most – all I had to do was re-send them an invite to the app from the backend if they were having login troubles."
-  Kristen Becker, NFL Combine Staff Member

Providing Personalized, On-the-Go Meals 

Contactless meal pickup gained momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the 2020 Combine, Notemeal enabled players and staff to order meals in advance and facilitated contactless pickup, reducing the risk of infection while ensuring participants got the nutrition they needed. Fast forward to this year, the streamlined approach, powered by Notemeal, allowed athletes to pre-order a wide range of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options so they could grab and go between sessions. 

The power of Teamworks’ Operating System for Sports™ was also on display at this year’s combine. With the integration between Hub and Notemeal, athlete profiles were synched, so players didn’t have to enter data separately into Notemeal to choose food options. This simplicity increased usage, with players ordering 983 meals, a 54% increase from the ‘22 Combine. 

“Everything went very smoothly. The players appreciated the options of being able to order their meals ahead of time for pick up, and late-night snacks were a big hit this year.” 
- Muralia Ramalingam, Food & Beverage Director at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

To learn how Teamworks, the Operating System for Sports™, can help your league or organization streamline operations for events like the NFL Combine, please contact us

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