September 26, 2023

Next Level Notemeal Innovations & Integrations

In the world of performance nutrition, efficiency and precision are paramount. For dietitians, ensuring athletes and service members receive the right nutrients at the right time can be a daunting task. That's where Notemeal comes in.

The Backstory: Developing a Game-Changer

Three years ago, the latest Notemeal innovations began with a shared vision. Dietitian Beth McCall, who was already using Teamworks Hub while leading the Sports Performance Nutrition team at Duke University accepted a cold call out of the blue from budding Notemeal Founder Sean Harrington. And though the initial call was riddled with hilarious communication errors, Beth was eager to explore Notemeal. She saw the potential it had in easing some of the challenges of managing nutrition plans for a multitude of athletes and knew Sean was on to something...

Watch the complete backstory:

A Leap Forward: Notemeal and Teamworks Join Forces

Fast forward to today, where Notemeal and Teamworks have united their expertise to revolutionize the performance kitchen and optimize nutrition for athletes and service members. 

Now, organizations with both Notemeal and Hub products can leverage integrated technology like:

  • Calendar Integrations: Dietitians can take into account an athlete's training schedules, logistics, and other factors that influence their dietary requirements. This means they can effortlessly create tailored meal plans that align perfectly with each athlete's unique needs, without having to manage the two screen juggle.
  • Automated Calendar Suggestions: Use Notemeal calendar suggestions to adjust the athlete's meal plan schedule in real-time in response to the athlete's ever-changing Teamworks calendar. Auto-accept suggestions and let Notemeal do the work for you, or choose to accept for the week or individual meal. It's scalable personalization at its finest.

And for Notemeal users, continued innovations firmly ensconce Notemeal as the #1 performance nutrition tool. With the release of the latest 'Meal Plan to Grocery List' feature, Notemeal empowers athletes to take control of nutrition planning like never before, making it easy to meal prep for the week and shop for what they need. They can access meal plan options, recent meals, my recipes, and team recipes when choosing what to prep for the week.

The Future of Nutrition Optimization

As we continue to refine and expand the Notemeal offerings, we remain committed to our mission: optimizing nutrition for athletes and service members. With Notemeal's latest updates, we're one step closer to achieving this goal.

‘It’s really exciting to see these strategies really start to come to fruition in these features. Consolidating this ecosystem of technology [has been a long time coming]. Now, out of the box, [Notemeal and Hub] are talking to each other. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’re  going to do across all of the different products.’  
- Sean Harrington, Founder of Notemeal

After all, it's not just about meals; it's about optimizing performance, one bite at a time.

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