August 15, 2023

New Integrations for ARMS & Whistle Users

In April of 2023, with the acquisition of ARMS, we at Teamworks quickly identified the opportunity to integrate two of the leading software technologies in athletics recruiting and compliance: ARMS and Whistle.

And now, we’re thrilled to share the first round of product integrations to streamline and optimize your recruiting efforts within these platforms.

Imagine a world where there is a seamless data flow between your recruiting platforms, and you are no longer juggling multiple passwords, systems, and user interfaces. This world is becoming a reality as the ARMS and Whistle products integrate within the Teamworks Operating System for Sports(TM). Here is what you can experience today:

Seamless Data Flow

Data now flows seamlessly from third-party vendors, such as Zcruit and Warroom, to ARMS and Whistle, automating your data management efforts.

Automatic Hourly Updates

With updates every hour, your changes in ARMS automatically sync to Whistle, eliminating manual entry to Whistle and preventing errors in communications with recruits.

Unified Recruiting Boards (Phase 1)

Unified recruiting boards help you easily keep your data in sync between Whistle and ARMS. The first version of this feature allows you to build recruiting boards (dynamic lists) in Whistle and pull profile information from ARMS. For example, if you have a board in Whistle for all recruits you've ranked as a "1", the hourly updates will check ARMS for any recruits ranked as 1 and add them to your board automatically. Similarly, if a recruit is offered and their status changes in ARMS, it will reflect in the Offers board in Whistle.

Thinking about adding Whistle to your recruiting toolkit but haven’t taken the leap? Grab some time with us! We’d love to show you what we’re all about how we can revolutionize your recruiting game. Schedule your demo today by contacting us!

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