December 14, 2022

Calendar Sign Ups - Now Available

The best scheduling software in elite sports is about to get better. 

The most requested calendar feature enhancement has arrived with the addition of Calendar Sign-Ups. This new update gives you time back in your day by allowing your team and staff to set up and reserve their own calendar slots based on pre-set availability. Ultimately, it means you're spending less time on scheduling and more time empowering player performance. 👊 to the hours back in your day to do the work that matters most.

So, what does that mean for you?

It means you can automate admin tasks making you feel like you have your own personal assistant. Think about the hours you spend coordinating schedules to find a date and time for an athlete or a small group of team members in their already busy schedule. This new feature reduces all of the back and forth messages that occur and puts you back in control of your daily calendar.  

If you typically act as the go-between for different departments within your organization and individual players, you can remove yourself as the middle man of coordination. Every member of every department can now directly work with athletes to share pre-set availability for appointment setting.

Bonus outcome - you can also save time (and paper!) by no longer having to post paper signups that later need to be transcribed into your digital calendar.

Let's go one step further.

It gives you autonomy to create a schedule that works best for you. This new feature is fully integrated within the Teamworks Calendar, which provides visibility into mandatory events like practice, training and travel for the day. For all other individualized appointments, pre-set calendar slots can be posted. 

  • 1:1 Bookings: One slot per one user - once the slot is filled its no longer available, example massage time. 
  • 1:Many Bookings: Set up a calendar slot and make it available for multiple users - once the slot is filled with max attendees it’s no longer available
  • Alerts & Reminders: You can set up reminders & alerts on the slot. Once reserved, they will carry over onto the booking of the appointment
  • Cancellation & Deletion: If a time slot is canceled or changed, texts and emails will be sent to anyone who has booked to let them know

Here's how elite teams are using reservable slots:

A few more benefits you will love:

  • The added benefit of having a way to see an up-to-date schedule of when you are booked and when you are open during available times
  • The ability to monitor attendance and see which benefits your team is taking advantage of
  • The option to make meeting rooms, weight rooms, and more facility spaces available to reserve at set times 

What does this mean for your players?

With this calendar enhancement, players can see and schedule appointments from the palm of their hand. No more texting staff. No more having to sign up in person. No more relying on others to coordinate their schedule. And if adjustments need to be made, your players can coordinate changes directly through the calendar without any back and forth emails and texts. Even better, it's empowering them to organize their day for optimal performance.

We'd love to show you more. If this is something that would benefit your team, connect with us to learn more.

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