May 25, 2021

NC State Making Waves On INFLCR With Athlete & Staff Engagement

NC State entered into their department wide deal with INFLCR in mid-December of 2020, and are now a part of INFLCR Verified. After teams were onboarded, they immediately started utilizing INFLCR to the fullest. Their department has stayed engaged, downloading over 6.2k pieces of content within 12.3k app sessions.

Usage from both athletes and staff is crucial in a program’s success with INFLCR. NC State Athletics as a whole has truly taken advantage of the platform since launching.

Staff have created 140 galleries amongst several teams since launching, to give athletes access to over 41k pieces of content.

Matti Smith, NC State’s assistant athletics communications director, has consistently ensured athletes stay engaged in their brand building process.

INFLCR’s team works with hundreds of staff like Matti on a daily basis. Karlee Kuykendall, INFLCR client success manager, said “Matti has been taking the initiative to not only assist in NC State’s department wide roll out, but connect the dots between her compliance team and their need for INFLCR’s new compliant reporting system.”

“She’s been instrumental in helping NC State better prepare their department for NIL, by encouraging engagement with INFLCR from both athletes and compliance staff as they enter this new era.”

Two NC State teams that have started preparing for the NIL era are football and baseball. NC State’s attention to athlete development happens year round, so even though one team is out of season, staff still provided athletes with content to enhance their brand building efforts.


Wolfpack football has been busy over the past four months. They launched with INFLCR in their offseason on January 20, 2021. Even in an offseason, staff were able to upload 3,923 content pieces. Athletes reciprocated the upload by downloading & sharing 2,686 pieces of content, all within 5,479 app sessions.

The team’s total Instagram following is 219k+, giving the Wolfpack athletes an audience that is 70% larger than @packfootball’s team account. Athletes having direct access to content and using it to build their brands will continue to make their collective following larger.


With the baseball team in season after their launch, their athletes and staff have been utilizing INFLCR at a high rate. Their 39 confirmed athletes on INFLCR were AI tagged in 1,825 pieces of content since their launch on January 28, 2021. Athletes then downloaded & shared 1,784 content pieces within 1,903 app sessions.

Additional Athlete Data

Other notable athlete engagement comes from a softball and women’s basketball player. The two athletes with the highest app sessions for NC State Athletics as a whole came from these two players.

Softball Athlete

App sessions = 346

Tagged items = 424

Downloads + shares = 79

Women’s Basketball Athlete

App sessions = 225

Tagged items = 452

Downloads + shares = 126

Athletes and staff that stay engaged with INFLCR, will have an advantage once NIL is live in their state. Compliance staff can manage athlete transactions, athlete’s can build their brands through uploaded content and search through Verified Apps for optional NIL opportunities.

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