Top 4 Ways NC State Baseball Drives Value with Teamworks

How does Teamworks benefit NC State Baseball?ELLIOTT AVENTHead CoachNC State BaseballMICHAEL SALAMINODirector of OperationsNC State BaseballBEN SANDERSONDirector of Player & Program DevelopmentNC State BaseballFACILITATES EFFICIENCYELLIOT AVENT || HEAD COACH“Every member of our staff uses Teamworks to identify the availability of our players throughout their day with classes or tutors. Teamworks has definitely made things much easier in all aspects of communication. It allows our coaches to utilize their time on what’s most important ... coaching.” BUILDS PROGRAM SUPPORTBEN SANDERSON || DIRECTOR OF PLAYER AND PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT“Teamworks has improved our contact with alumni and boosters. We keep a database within the system and generate regular newsletters, series previews, etc. that not only engage our alumni and boosters, but create a more personal relationship with them.”BOOSTS ACCOUNTABILITYMICHAEL SALAMINO || DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS“On Teamworks, we can schedule event reminders along with push notifications every morning with each individual’s daily schedule.”SIMPLIFIES SHARING INFORMATIONMICHAEL SALAMINO || DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS“Teamworks helps our Operations staff put together itineraries, rooming lists, vendor contact information and more. All of these can be formatted and distributed seamlessly through the app or printed for distribution.”

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