Five Ways Mississippi State Women’s Basketball Streamlines Team Travel

Between coordinating with vendors, filling out spreadsheets, printing out flight and rooming assignments, and following up to make sure everyone has the itinerary, some teams spend upwards of 28 hours per week working on team travel alone. Talk about inefficient.Mississippi State Women’s Basketball has taken a different approach these past two seasons. By using Teamworks, which includes the industry’s only Team Travel module, they’ve been able to create a program that is better informed, with athletes that are more accountable, and a staff that can focus on more important things – like winning games1. They don’t get stuck dealing with paperwork.Instead of handing out paper or sending out an email with an attachment, Mississippi State uses Teamworks to push paperwork to their travel party within the app. If it’s something like a meal form, everyone simply fills it out on their phone and sends it back. “I think a lot of people even outside of our immediate program appreciate that because they don't have to go out of their way to get information back to us,” said Maryann Baker, Director of Operations.2. They take advantage of automation.Itineraries, flight assignments, bus assignments, etc., don’t need to be recreated each week. There’s also no reason to be printing paper, which, let’s face it, is only going to get lost. Using Team Travel, not only does Mississippi State save time up front, but they also save time by easily notifying the travel party new documents are available, electronically sending out rooming assignments, etc.3. They get asked (and have to answer!) fewer questions.Because everything is stored in one place, there’s no need to ask where something is. It’s all in Teamworks.“It definitely helps all of the players, and the travel party, become accustomed to know where to go to look for information,” Maryann told us.4. They don’t waste time searching for vendor information.Instead of trying to track down who they worked with last year, they keep all of that information in one place in the app. There’s also a section for notes, so it’s easy to keep track of who they want (or don’t want) to do business with again.5. They make fewer phone calls.“When we travel, it's not just the team and coaches that are going. There are other people – radio, TV, bus drivers, etc. Being able to just blast out a message that says, ‘Hey, guys. This information is here’ or ‘The order form is ready,’ is really convenient.” said Maryann. “ cuts down on having to make phone calls for every single person.”Want to learn how you can save time planning Team Travel? Click here to start your free trial.About the Author: Mitch Heath, Teamworks' current Director of Operations, wears many hats here at Teamworks with his responsibilities including a little bit of everything: influencing the direction of the product, serving as a liaison between clients and developers, and helping craft the strategy and vision of where Teamworks is heading.

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