May 8, 2023

How Military Schoolhouses Effectively Use a HP DMS

By the time service members finish military Schoolhouse courses, they should be equipped with skills that make them effective in their roles, advance their careers, and increase the overall operational capacity of their units. 

The Smartabase Human Performance Data Management System (HP DMS) platform empowers instructors and leaders to monitor trainees’ academic and physical progress, proactively identify potential issues, improve curriculums, and fine-tune recruiting. The results? Higher standards, more and better graduates, and reduced attrition.  

Meeting Graduation Targets & Reducing Attrition

Using Smartabase has helped units in several military branches increase graduation rates by an average of 28% and move candidates through the training pipeline faster. 

Military leadership sets targets for how many candidates should graduate from a particular course and how quickly they do so. When these numbers fall short of expectations, it can be hard to pinpoint possible reasons using paper-based processes. 

With Smartabase, Schoolhouse staff has complete class-level data at their fingertips. This enables them to spot trends and zero in on factors that might be increasing attrition – such as inadequate recovery between events or lack of pre-course preparation – and remedy these moving forward. 

Reducing Risk Factors 

Smartabase enables data-driven interventions that have decreased:

  • Avoidable injury rate by 31%
  • The number of duty days missed per incident by 27 days
  • Days between courses lost due to injuries by 84%

Smartabase color codes certain risk factors so service members are automatically flagged if the metrics captured from wearables and subjective questionnaires move outside predetermined acceptable ranges for overall load, sleep, stress, and so on. Instructors can then follow up with individuals and adjust their training plans accordingly.

Modernizing the Evaluation Process

Schoolhouses have typically administered hard copies of academic tests, collected physical and tactical assessment data manually, and stored the results separately. Smartabase modernizes the evaluation process by digitizing all data and collating it into one central repository. This allows staff to create scorecards for each candidate that provide an overview of their strengths and weaknesses, informing further training and facilitating education on how factors like sleep and recovery impact positive and negative outcomes. 

Comparing Classes to Improve Curriculums 

Using Smartabase allows instructors and Training Command staff to view the detailed results of individuals and compare classes. This enables them to see what’s working, and what’s not, and improve the curriculum. 

For example, retired Chief Master Sergeant Joshua Smith shared that comparing courses side by side in Smartabase helped reduce heat stroke risk during three pararescue classes held during the hot, humid Texas summer. The faster such information is accessed, the more powerful it becomes, and the quicker staff can take decisive action.  

Targeting Precise Recruiting

With general military recruitment, service members from many different backgrounds can be successful. But Schoolhouses that offer skill-specific training or demanding Special Forces courses need to be more selective to increase each candidate’s chance of graduating and improve the overall talent pool. 

Smartabase allows Recruiting Command staff to evaluate complete histories that include demographics and Schoolhouse data, so they can be more discerning in the selection process and target the kind of candidates that have a better track record in certain courses.   

To explore how Smartabase can have a positive impact on your Schoolhouse, contact us today.

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