Mike Candrea on Arizona Softball's Essential Tool

Mike CandreaHead Softball CoachUniversity of ArizonaWhat differences has Teamworks made in your life?How I correspond and how I communicate with my team has changed completely. Teamworks allows me to be much more efficient in getting information out to my team, and it keeps everyone organized. It has greatly improved my communication with my players. Overall, Teamworks has made my life as a coach easier.How do your players feel about Teamworks?Our players like having the app on their phone. They are constantly checking my calendar. Today’s student athletes are very visual and much more effective when they have a map of their life and their responsibilities. Teamworks allows us to deliver information to our athletes in the best way for them to understand.The players know where they need to be all the time. I try to teach our students, “If you’re not early, you’re late.” Punctuality is very important, and Teamworks definitely improves that aspect of our program. The structure of our day to day operation is so much more effective because our players have a snapshot all the time right in their hands of what the days going to look like.How does Teamworks give your program an advantage?Teamworks streamlined the way that we communicate. If I need to find out who’s available, send out a text message, look at someone’s schedule, or see the progress of a player for the last two or three years, it’s all at my fingertips. The quick access of information allows us to be more efficient in our operation as a program, which is an advantage. With Teamworks, I don’t need a secretary. I can be self-contained in the things I do. Teamworks keeps everyone on the same page everyday, which is important in any organization.What is your favorite feature?CalendarOne of my favorite features of Teamworks is the calendar. Being able to synchronize my Outlook and other apps I already use on my phone and other computers with Teamworks is huge. It would be tough not to have that aspect. MessagingI also really love the messaging feature. It’s so easy. There’s particular groups that I communicate with, so if I want to get something to all of my athletes, support staff, or anyone else, I can subgroup them and get information out to them. It is very effective and saves me a ton of time. I use the text messaging and email a lot. It’s very convenient.FilesAnother aspect of Teamworks that I love is the files module. I can put files up and it’s there for my team as a reference book. It’s made life easier. MetricsWe also use the metrics module to keep a good history of our players. We can look at their careers and see their progress from their freshman year to today. It’s great to be able to keep better track of our records and other aspects of our program.How would you describe the value of Teamworks?Teamworks is a powerful tool that has enhanced our ability to communicate with our organization. That’s what it’s all about. The more I use it the more powerful it becomes. Every year I learn more and more about Teamworks and what it can do. It’s an essential tool for me in today’s world to be able to communicate. I would highly recommend it, and I have.

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