How Teamworks Improves Maryland Soccer's Team Chemistry

Brian RowlandAssociate Head CoachMen's SoccerUniversity of MarylandHow has Teamworks impacted Maryland Soccer?Communication is such a key to our team and program. Prior to Teamworks, we had to constantly piece different things together to achieve good communication. Teamworks offers one centralized place for us to accomplish all of our communication goals. It has helped us connect the team and staff on a level we had yet to envision.What were your initial thoughts about Teamworks?I have been impressed by Teamworks from the first time we used the platform. It is simple, efficient and user-friendly. The ease of the system allowed us to really hit the ground running. Teamworks has made so much of our day-to-day interactions and staff communication more efficient. We’re excited about what we can and will accomplish with the Teamworks system.What role did Teamworks play in your team’s success this season?Teamworks gave us the ability to find and schedule more time with players, which made them feel more appreciated, increased our overall team buy in and improved our team chemistry. We’ve been able to better help them in all areas, be it academic, athletic, or social. The fall season can be difficult for players for various reasons, but being able to check in and make time for them as individuals and as small groups within the team has paid dividends in how tight a group we had. It’s been great to have so much time, in an otherwise busy few months, to be connected to each and every player.How do the players feel about Teamworks?Once they started using the system, they loved it. Teamworks allows them to handle almost everything they need in one central location. On road trips it has been a huge asset for them. Things can change quickly and even the best plans can be put off with a delayed flight or weather. The flexibility to get everyone on the same page and allow for a seamless change of plans has been a major benefit.How does Teamworks help you, personally?Personally, it has helped to connect me and the coaching staff with the support staff. We are not always able to meet face-to-face with academics, sports medicine or strength coaches to fully understand everything we need to help our student-athletes.Teamworks allows us to stay on top of all the scheduling demands that our student-athletes experience every day. On Teamworks we have updated and accurate schedules we can use to better support our players.How would you describe the value of Teamworks?Teamworks is anywhere and anytime access to all the details relating to you team or organization. From big picture to the smallest detail of each individual, it allows you to be better connected as a team in a real-time platform. The biggest advantage of Teamworks is that it keeps your whole team or organization on the same page. That gives everyone a much better chance to perform at their highest level.

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