#TeamworksFamily Feature: Maryland Soccer's Brian Rowland

Brian RowlandAssociate Head CoachUniversity of Maryland Men's SoccerGet to know Brian:If you could have dinner with anyone living or not, who would it be? Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City. What restaurant would you take them to?Somewhere I have never been before.What is something on your bucket list?Travel to see new countries and historic landmarks.What was your childhood dream job?Professional soccer or ice hockey player.Who shaped you the most growing up? As a person, it was certainly my family and close friends. I am the youngest of 3 siblings, so I was able to look up to all of my family members. Each gave me a different perspective as a role model. I have also been fortunate to play for many great soccer coaches, especially in my youth career. Looking back as a coach myself, I can appreciate the hours and dedication my former coaches put into helping teach and grow the game. They still inspire me to this day.What is something difficult that you have overcome in your life, that you appreciate now? I was one of the last players not selected for a National Team tournament. In the long term, it was actually beneficial. Getting cut increased my drive and determination to succeed. I wanted to prove people wrong by excelling in my career. It also taught me a great deal about how coaches see and evaluate players. That knowledge is something I use now in my coaching career as I mentor young players and try to help them understand decisions coaches make.What has been the key to your personal success in your career? The most important things for me are determination and hard work. I have always been a driven person, wanting to better myself and grow. I have also been fortunate to be around a great mentor in the coaching world at Maryland, Sasho Cirovski. He gave me an opportunity to learn and grow, and to be around fantastic people who share the same passion for success.What advice would you give to others on how to build a top-level program? It starts with the people. To have a successful program, you must bring in the right people. People who fit within your culture, or the culture that you are trying to achieve, are vital to success. Having a clear vision and direction is important so you don’t waiver. Set goals, and set out to make them a reality.What is something unique about the Maryland Men’s Soccer program that contributes to your success?The culture here, which is so unique to Maryland, is a major part of our success as a program. Our goals are clear, and the people involved with the program know their roles and how to achieve our objectives. The team is constantly being examined, cultivated and cared for. Nothing is left unresolved or unattended to. Countless times through my career here, the “pulse” that we keep on the team has allowed us to make adjustments and solve problems. We have found ourselves at a crossroads several different times in seasons past, and our culture is what allowed us to preserve and push us through to success.

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