How Marquette Lacrosse's HC Revolutionized His Program

Joe AmploHead CoachMen's LacrosseMarquette UniversityWhat was your initial reaction to Teamworks?We have to have it. I was really excited about the platform, and I felt it could be really useful within our systems and processes here. It seemed that it could make our lives more efficient. We were utilizing some other platforms that we felt were pretty efficient, but this was a step above those. All the different functions have revolutionized how we go about our days. It has really impacted our lives as coaches, our academic team and our strength staff, and we work more efficiently as we try to organize and run the program. How did the athletes respond to Teamworks?The athletes have all given positive feedback. They love it. Whether I'm sending a reminder, a quick motivational text or a change in schedule, it’s seamless with Teamworks. The players are never worried they are going to miss anything, and we’re never worried we’re going to miss anyone when we send the information. What is the main problem Teamworks solved for your team?Teamworks has made working with the academic department easier. Syncing up all of our academic programs with Teamworks makes it a perfect system. How has Teamworks made your team better?Our team is better with Teamworks because our communication is more convenient. Teamworks has made a noticeable difference in the way we communicate that has certainly made all of our lives easier. How would you describe the value of Teamworks?With all of the functionality, there is tremendous value. The platform is terrific. If you utilize it and put it into the processes and systems that you use each day, it certainly is impactful.

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