April 30, 2021

Markus Howard Scores With INFLCR’s Newest Verified App, The Players Trunk

Our newest INFLCR Verified App is The Players Trunk, where only professional or former collegiate athletes can access the platform once all eligibility has been exhausted. INFLCR user and former Marquette men’s basketball star, Markus Howard recently found success with The Players Trunk.

If you’re a fan of college basketball, Markus Howard is a name you recognize. Howard averaged 20+ points per game during his final three seasons, and closed his senior night with a massive 37 points against Seton Hall. One lucky fan even snagged Howard’s senior night sneakers for $350 on The Players Trunk.

Howard was dropping dimes on the court, building his brand with INFLCR, and setting himself up for the next phase in his career. His popularity and personal brand made his trunk that much more desirable for fans. Howard’s trunk consisted of practice jerseys, practice shorts, a backpack with his number, workout gear, and more. The practice jerseys sold for $225 each, and the backpack for $150.

Since Howard joined INFLCR on March 1, 2019:

  • Has been tagged in over 2,200 pieces of content
  • Has 315+ app sessions
  • Downloaded 380+ pieces of content
  • Increased Instagram following by 38.2k (+193%)
  • Has had an average interaction rate of over 15%

Within Howard’s first month on INFLCR, and before he submitted his trunk:

  • His Instagram following increased by 10.1k (+51%)

The Players Trunk fielded numerous autograph requests after Howard’s trunk went live, and soon made  autographed photos available on his trunk. Even in 2021, Howard is seeing money from the autographed photos each time one sells. The photos are now over 80% sold out. As for the rest of his trunk, it sold out less than a week after going live. Those senior night sneakers sold for the high amount they did because Howard opted to use The Players Trunk’s auction platform. A platform that allows athletes to maximize revenue on high profile items.

Markus Howard put in work to prove success on the court and in his personal brand growth. After being powered by INFLCR with the Golden Eagles, Howard was given the opportunity to continue capitalizing on his hard work with The Players Trunk.

INFLCR athletes like Markus Howard can follow in his footsteps and now access The Players Trunk after their collegiate career, directly from the bank of INFLCR Verified Apps.

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