Los Angeles Angels Partner with Teamworks

Teamworks is thrilled to announce a partnership with the LA Angels. With the addition of the Los Angeles Angels, Teamworks, The Operation System for Sports ™ now proudly supports 15 MLB organizations. Read a Q&A from Tony Ferreira, Assistant Director of Player Development, to gain additional insight on the Angels' decision to add Teamworks as their technology solution. 

Q: You used Teamworks previously at the St. Louis Cardinals. What benefits did you see from your previous experience that propelled you to want to add the Teamworks technology when you joined the LA Angels?

A: Maximizing efficiency from top to bottom. There wasn't an effective way to communicate with players other than email and text. Teamworks puts all information for players in one spot and expands the information we can provide players, no matter where they are in the world.

Q: For anyone on the fence about adding Teamworks to their tech stack, what's your response?

A: It's a one-stop shop for staff and players because the ease of use is simple yet efficient. As you grow into Teamworks, you will find new and unique ways to use it and perhaps even replace other technology that isn't designed for sports. The possibilities are limitless, especially with there being buy-in from staff and players.

Q: Teamworks continues to grow and innovate and add additional solutions. As a customer, what does that mean to you? 

A: Players seek information constantly, and having the ability to provide information in a controlled environment that helps their professional growth is highly beneficial, primarily when that information is provided in one location. The Angels are excited to expand their use of Teamworks to include Notemeal, which will lead to new levels of success.

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