July 21, 2020

LEAD1 Webinar: Industry Perspectives On Student-Athlete NIL Compensation

On Thursday, July 16, LEAD1 Association hosted a webinar session discussing some of the latest issues in regards to student-athlete name, image and likeness (NIL) and compensation. The webinar, separated into two panels, was moderated by LEAD1 CEO and President, Tom McMillen, and featured a wide range of perspectives and expertise on the topic of NIL.

The first panel included Lyle Adams (Founder & CEO at Spry), Ishveen Anand (CEO at OpenSponsorship), Luke Fedlam (President at Anomaly Sports Group) and Jim Cavale (Founder & CEO at INFCR).

The second panel included Blake Lawrence (Co-Founder & CEO at Opendorse), Courtney Altemus (CEO at TeamAltemus) and AJ Maestas (Founder & CEO at Navigate Research).

You can find the full webinar recording here.

Webinar Highlights (INFLCR)

Below, we’ve included some highlighted responses from INFLCR’s CEO, Jim Cavale.

On the importance of data and the evolution of an NIL System:

On the role of technology in implementing a universal tech solution for student-athlete NIL:

On the Brand Effect of Athletic Programs for student-athlete NIL in regards to recruiting, and the involvement of athletic staff:

On Group Licensing as one aspect needing to be addressed in NIL Legislation:

On compliance and category competition for student-athletes and athletic programs:

You can find the full LEAD1 webinar recording here.

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