LCCC Volleyball's Biggest Time-Saving Tool

Austin AlbersHead CoachWomen's Volleyball--Laramie CountyCommunity CollegeHow would you describe Teamworks to some who hasn't heard about it?Teamworks is without question the best time management and efficiency-creating tool that I’ve ever used as a coach.It improves our program’s overall efficiency in our operations and helps us balance our academic goals with winning. Teamworks also allows our staff to work together more effectively and to communicate better and faster with our athletes.It helps separate us from other programs at the junior college level. I know many of the top programs use Teamworks, and our goal is to model our program after the top level. Teamworks has ensured that our athletes not only move on the next level, but they are extremely successful when they get there.When they get to the higher level programs and they’re expected to have all of these time management skills, they’re very much used to it because Teamworks made it a part of them.We have gotten a lot of response from coaches at the next level thanking us for the way we prepare our players.How do you use Teamworks?Planning and AccountabilityWe use Teamworks every single day to plan our athletes’ time. Everything the players do is very detailed and structured. Teamworks allows us to make sure our athletes are always in the best possible environment for success.Every hour is accounted for, so both the players and coaches know where everyone is supposed to be at any given time. That really helps our whole program stay accountable, not to mention their parents love it.Streamline CommunicationThe communication piece really simplifies things for us. When we reschedule a practice, many times we forget to tell a trainer or another important staff member. Now, it’s easy to make sure everyone knows about changes because everyone is connected in Teamworks. We can update a practice time and it sends an immediate notice to everyone who needs it. When we’re on the road traveling, we’re able to set alarms and send scouting reports to ensure that everyone is on time and organized. Teamworks streamlines our communication and also reduces our print costs because we have access to everything on our phones. How has Teamworks affected your day-to-day routine?Teamworks makes my processes more efficient so that I can better manage my program and my student-athletes.With Teamworks, I can spend more time focusing on volleyball, and less time organizing everyone. It has cut the time I spend on non-volleyball tasks in half. It also gives me more time at home with my family.What difference has Teamworks made to your team’s success?Teamworks has allowed me to focus more on the fine details of the game, which has really improved our overall level of play on the floor. Thanks to Teamworks, we get to spend more time scouting to figure out play sets we can stop, or how to capitalize on scoring opportunities.We can also put more time into the recruiting process, which is a big part for us at a junior college, because we turn over half of our team every year. All of our information is so clearly laid out on Teamworks that our players always know exactly where they’re supposed to be. All of those things have made a huge difference for our program.How do the players feel about Teamworks?Many of our former players have come back and told us how important Teamworks was for them. It helps teach them organization and gives them a visual of how to be successful, which they carry with them as professionals.For our incoming freshmen, it’s a change, but it doesn’t take long for them to fall into the routine and start reaping the benefits of the organization and accountability.Teamworks is especially helpful when we have international athletes who don’t have U.S. cell phones. Communicating with them through Teamworks is very easy and effective. Teamworks has also helped unify our players because everyone is getting the same information at the same time, which keeps everyone organized.

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