June 17, 2021

Louisiana Tech Establishes Culture With Effective Communication

Teamworks is excited to announce the expansion to a department-wide partnership with Louisiana Tech Athletics, which will leverage the athlete engagement app across the institution’s 16 varsity sports. The Bulldogs leadership views effective communication as a cornerstone for establishing a competitive and mission-driven department culture that sets both the athletics program and its student-athletes up for success.


“I entered this opportunity with a philosophy of culture, class and competitive excellence as the primary focus for our coaches, staff and athletes. We want to attack each day as an athletics department, competing with a chip on our shoulder and a desire to win at everything we do,” said LA Tech Vice President & Director of Athletics Eric Wood.

“After meeting with all of the different constituent groups in the athletic department - head coaches, assistants, student-athletes, alumni, donors and more - it became obvious that an effective method of communication was the most important and necessary component of achieving this desired culture. Having used it in my previous role at another institution, I knew I needed to implement Teamworks within the first 100 days.”


About Teamworks

Teamworks is the leading athlete engagement platform, built by athletes, for athletes. Our software and app make everything easier for elite athletic teams – from scheduling and communication to sharing files and managing travel. We help more than 3,000 elite athletic teams around the world to better connect and collaborate so they can focus on winning. Visit www.teamworks.com for more information.

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