How Cannons VP & GM Runs the Team from His Phone

Kevin BarneyVice President &General Manager--Boston CannonsWhat difference has Teamworks' made in your role?Teamworks has helped me reevaluate how I organize information, which clarified the way I communicate with my coaches and players. All the information is right at my fingertips on Teamworks, which has allowed me to increase focus on more important tasks. I have become more routine-oriented and less scattered.How has Teamworks impacted your team?One of the best examples has to do with players asking me details like addresses, dates and times, which happens often. When we are on the road I send out an itinerary to all the players with all the logistical information. On day one of training camp last year, I told them not to ask me about that information any more because they can find the answers on their phones just as easily as I can. Everything is two clicks away on Teamworks. Eliminating those kinds of issues has been a big help for me. How has Teamworks affected your team’s travel?Teamworks makes traveling much easier. My players live all over the country. It’s not like there are 26 of us flying from Boston to Charlotte. When we’re traveling to an away game, I have players flying from at least eight different cities, at different times. It’s a major coordination effort. With Teamworks, everything is on one platform in an app on my phone, and I can quickly and easily see where everyone is and when they’ll be landing. It's really beneficial for the players to have all the information they need on their phones, because it makes their travel easier, so they can concentrate on the game.What is your favorite part of Teamworks?I have two. As mentioned before, I love having all the information in one location, so I don't have to search through emails. I also love Teamworks' communication capabilities. Game weekends are very fast-paced, so we need our communication to be quick and seamless. Teamworks has been really helpful for all of the times that I’ve had to let everyone know of a last-minute schedule change. Instead of pulling up every single person's contact information to send a group text, I can just go into Teamworks and select the specific group that needs the message. I know our coach loves that too, when he wants to send out a note or set reminders the night before the game.How do your athletes feel about Teamworks?Our athletes love always having the information right when they need it and being able to find it easily, especially when we’re traveling. If a player lands before I do and wants to go to the hotel, he can quickly find the address on Teamworks. I've had players text me to ask questions and then text me right after saying, “Oops, I know it’s on Teamworks.” It’s a good teaching and learning tool for them.How would you describe the value of Teamworks?Teamworks is the best platform for communication and disseminating information. It is a perfect fit for all of our organizational and communication needs. Everything is organized and conveniently located in Teamworks, which saves us time and allows us all to work much more efficiently. Our coaches, staff and players always have information when and where they need it.

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