September 23, 2018

Jim Cavale’s Tip Of The Week: Making Connections

Entrepreneurs such as Oakland Raiders tight end Jared Cook are leveraging their time as an athlete to create business opportunities beyond their playing days.

As an athlete, you have a window of opportunity to leverage your time in the spotlight into opportunities beyond the sport. This is true whether you make it all the way to the pros or never play beyond the high-school or college level.

As INFLCR founder and CEO Jim Cavale often says, the time spent as an athlete should be a “launching point not the peak” of your career. Building a strong personal brand on social media, Cavale says, can help an athlete reap the benefits of the platforms long after their playing careers end.

Cavale, himself a former college athlete as well as one of the top experts in the country on personal branding, recently sat down with NFL star Jared Cook of the Oakland Raiders to discuss the topic, as well as to examine the importance of making connections while enjoying the platform that is sports.

Cavale: How can you leverage your platform as an NFL baller to meet people who can be influential to help you grow your e-commerce business and to help you develop some of the investments you’ve made?

Cook: That’s one of the perks that comes with being a football player. It gets you in different circles or positions that you could never get there, or it would be more difficult to get there, if you were on your own. I’m in Oakland, Silicon Valley is known for entrepreneurship. It’s known for brands starting off small and then boom, selling for millions. It just about getting out and talking. It starts with taking care of your job first on the field, and after that it really comes easy. People start recognizing your face, recognizing your name, recognizing your efforts and the things that you are doing.”


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