June 10, 2021

Influential’s Social Intelligence™ & Network Gives INFLCR Athletes New NIL Earning Potential

Influential, the world’s largest influencer marketing company, which provides social media insights and brand connections through its AI-powered Social Intelligence™ platform, will join INFLCR in supporting student-athletes in the NIL era. This unprecedented alliance will help student-athletes navigate the new NIL legislation and brand partnership opportunities, while remaining compliant with current and anticipated state, federal, and NCAA rules.

Together, INFLCR and Influential are teaming up to help both athletes and brands take advantage of these new influencer marketing opportunities.

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“We are thrilled to play a part in such a historic moment for college sports. We want to put the power to control their own NIL destinies into the hands of student-athletes,” said Ryan Detert, CEO of Influential.

“We have a reputation for building strong, safe relationships between brands and influencers, and we are looking forward to offering the tools and insights that will allow student-athlete and brand partnerships to flourish in college sports as well.”

All INFLCR Athletes

Athletes from any INFLCR tier will have the ability to request that their profile be added to the Influential network, to provide easy connections to brands looking to partner with influencers. INFLCR will automate all required reporting through the INFLCR Compliance Exchange, for any transactions that result from Influential’s vast network.

Athlete’s will also receive education in INFLCR Storyteller Playbook, on Influential’s best practices when it comes to maximizing NIL potential and the insights a brand looks for in selecting influencers.

“We’re very excited to see student-athletes tap into Influential’s vast influencer and brand network to provide insight into potential partnerships and a safe environment to engage in NIL activities with brands, which hasn’t been possible before,” said Jim Cavale, CEO and Founder of INFLCR.

“By partnering with Influential, we can help the institutions we serve while ensuring their student-athletes remain compliant and maintain their eligibility within this very dynamic regulatory environment. We’re also very excited to help educate student-athletes with Influential’s best practices for influencer marketing by providing insights that brands use to select influencers  along with the materials available in the INFLCR Storyteller Playbook.”


Plus athletes will receive additional access to Influential’s Social Intelligence™ technologies to maximize their brand potential. While working with their team and INFLCR’s NIL Strategy Manager, Marc Jordan, to review new social media metrics, audience analysis, and personality insights.

Influential works with IBM Watson by using the Personality Insights API. Brands and influencers from Influential’s network using similar personality traits on social media text can be matched, opening up opportunities to athletes that are better suited to their audience.

Athletes will also have educational videos about Influential’s Social Intelligence that live within Plus’ Storyteller Playbook.

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