May 10, 2021

INFLCR Withdraws From NCAA RFP For NIL Third Party Administrator

We made the difficult decision to notify the NCAA that INFLCR is withdrawing its bid for the role of NIL Third Party Administrator (TPA). We are extremely grateful to everyone at the NCAA for including us in their RFP process.

After a lengthy period of deliberation involving the INFLCR team, as well as legal and industry experts, the potential conflicts of interest are clear if a company who already serves a large percentage of the NCAA’s membership as a vendor were named as TPA. We believe that our commitment to serving our institutional customers is best served by avoiding the ethical pitfalls that would present themselves in the event that INFLCR was selected as TPA, and as such, we have decided to remove ourselves from consideration.

We intend to continue focusing our efforts on delivering best-in-class technology solutions for our institutional partners in order to enable their student-athletes to transact compliantly in the new NIL era.

Jim Cavale, INFLCR Founder & CEO

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