August 16, 2023

Delivering Quality Content to Players

Because of INFLCR, the North Melbourne Football Club can efficiently and quickly arm players with what they want: fresh, high-quality content at their disposal to share with their fans on social media. We caught up with Chris Correia​​​​, Senior Digital Media Manager at the North Melbourne Football Club, to see how INFLCR has improved operational efficiency and enabled unprecedented brand growth.

What content is most popular among the team?

We find that training content is the most popular as that is almost always captured entirely by our internal Content team rather than an outside party. We provide these galleries to our players as quickly as possible following a training session as they are always keen to download and share the images on their own personal channels.

How do players like to interact with their teammates’ content?

We have a very tight-knit playing group that loves to engage with each other on socials, commenting and sharing their teammates’ social posts, with Instagram their main platform of choice.

North Melbourne Football Club INFLCR Content

How have you educated players on INFLCR as a tool for them to grow their social media presence while growing North Melbourne’s fan base? 

We have an annual social media education session with the players and this was a perfect time to explain in person the value of INFLCR as a tool to grow their social media presence within the AFLW and with North’s fan base.

What feedback have the players provided on the ease of finding the content they are tagged in based on their face matching? 

Players find the facial recognition and jersey tagging features easy to use. This saves the players, and staff, so much time. On the rare occasion a group shot hasn’t selected a certain player (because the face or jersey number is not very visible), we can always quickly manually tag them at their request.

Has INFLCR helped the media team save time in their day-to-day duties, especially during the season? 

Absolutely, INFLCR has saved us time and resources while also feeding a need for our players.

North Melbourne Football Club INFLCR Content Women's

How has INFLCR helped narrow the gap in resources between the men’s and women’s teams at North? 

We aim to resource both teams as closely as possible, but INFLCR definitely assists us in saving time and effort.

Can INFLCR Help Your Club Deliver Quality Content to Players?

Curious how INFLCR can benefit your organization? Visit INFLCR For Pro or contact us to learn more.

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