December 11, 2018

INFLCR, Mississippi State Set Multi-Sport, Multi-Year Digital Partnership

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Influencer (INFLCR) founder and CEO Jim Cavale announced a two-year, multi-sport contract with Mississippi State University Athletics.

INFLCR will serve the Bulldogs’ football, baseball and men’s and women’s basketball. Mississippi State is INFLCR’s fourth deal with one of the Southeastern Conference’s tradition-rich college athletic programs.

INFLCR has client partnerships with college athletic programs from the SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, American, Mountain West, Conference USA and Sun Belt conferences.

After activation, Mississippi State student-athletes in their respective sports will gain ongoing access to thousands of content-items produced by the university and accessed via the INFLCR mobile app for sharing across their social-media channels.

“Serving our student-athletes and our fans is paramount; therefore, I’m incredibly excited about our partnership with INFLCR because it will allow us to further enhance how we’re able serve them,” said Leah Beasley, Mississippi State’s executive senior associate athletic director of external affairs.

“Our creative team takes great pride in the high-quality, relevant content they produce, and the INFLCR platform will allow this impactful content to gain additional reach via our student-athletes, which will also further boost the brand of Mississippi State Athletics.”

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The INFLCR content delivery software platform helps clients like Mississippi State athletics, distribute their internally-curated content into personalized galleries on each of the mobile devices of their athletes, coaches and other brand ambassadors, for them to access and share via their personal social-media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Mississippi State can then use their INFLCR dashboard and usage reports to track their “audience lift” via the much-larger collective audience of those brand ambassadors.

“We are excited to announce a partnership with INFLCR, a powerful social media platform that will continue to enhance our Mississippi State Athletics brand,” MSU Director of Athletics John Cohen said.

“Equipping our student-athletes with the proper technology and education of building a positive brand through social media is imperative. INFLCR will serve as a tremendous tool to help our student-athletes accomplish that.”

INLCR CEO Jim Cavale praised the leadership at Mississippi State for its ”commitment to being on the forefront of sports media.”

“We’ve learned a lot in the first year of launching and building the INFLCR platform throughout the college sports world,” Cavale said. “My team and I have had the pleasure of working with some great leaders in college sports at all levels — from creative directors of specific teams to Associate Athletics Directors and Head Athletics Directors (AD’s) of the schools we’ve serve.

It’s been more recent that we have had the pleasure of starting with conversations at the AD level, to discuss multiple sports INFLCR can impact instantly with a multiple-year term commitment. At Mississippi State; that’s exactly what we did.

“When I was introduced to John Cohen and and Leah Beasley, who wanted to talk about the sports media landscape and how the student athlete attain more value in their experience playing college sports in a conference like the SEC and at a school that as tradition rich as Mississippi State,” said INFLCR founder and CEO Jim Cavale.

“Those conversations led to an opportunity for us to put together a multi-sport, multi-year partnership with Mississippi State that many people on their staff will touch because of the collaborative team they have built to produce and deliver great content to all the brand ambassadors at Mississippi State.

Their use of the INFLCR platform is going to have an impact on their student-athlete experience, the brands they build individually, and it is going to impact recruiting and the Mississippi State brand in a lot of great ways at the same time.”  


Influencer (INFLCR) is a social media CRM that allows teams and leagues to efficiently distribute their digital assets across the social channels of their most effective brand ambassadors (student-athletes, coaches, recruits prominent alumni and fans) while being able to track and measure the reach and performance of the content at scale via a convenient dashboard.

With INFLCR, teams can store, share and track their digital assets (game photos, videos, etc.) as they flow through the social media channels of their brand ambassadors. Learn more at

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