April 5, 2023

INFLCR Product Updates: Exchange

At INFLCR we are continuously working to improve our user experience. In the recent update we have new functionality that allows student-athletes to export transaction summaries, and we've made some specific improvements in the Exchange for the brands, businesses and collectives that we work with. Let's take a closer look.

Student-Athlete Update: Transaction Summary Export

INFLCR Athletes can now generate an itemized summary of their NIL activities, including tax-relevant information. This detailed report lists all NIL activity that student-athletes disclosed over the year and can be generated and shared with agents, tax advisors, and other personnel. Learn more HERE.

Brands, Businesses, Collectives Update: Exchange Improvements

The following updates relate to customers within the Exchange - specifically brands, businesses, and collectives.

Learning Portal in Sidebar

You can now access the INFLCR Learning Portal from your side navigation bar on the web app. When you click on the new Learning Portal link on the lower lefthand side of the nav bar, a new tab will open in your browser with Exchange Learning Portal Courses.

Bulletin: Filtering Updates

We've made updates to the filtering function on the Bulletin page. When creating a bulletin and making your filtering selections by schools or sports, you will see a real-time athlete count of the available athletes in your selected audience.

Conversation Page Improvements

Companies can now bulk-select athletes to send messages and add to new lists. This is useful for companies that receive similar messages and want to share a consistent response or for companies that want to send the same follow-up message to multiple athletes.

View All Athletes on One Page

The pagination has changed from page numbers to lazy loading on the "Browse Athletes" page. This creates a continuous scroll of all the athletes on the page, making it easier to "select all" and perform your desired action. Lazy loading is only available on the "Browse Athlete" or "Saved Lists" view, not all throughout the Exchange.

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