July 23, 2020

INFLCR Launches NEW NIL Suite With Pilot Partners

INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale announced the launch of the company’s new “NIL Suite” of product offerings, beginning with the INFLCR [NIL Suite] Data Services offering, which compiles social media performance data to educate and develop the social media storytelling behaviors of coaches, creative staffs and student-athletes.

This offering ensures that the coaching staff has what they need to recruit effectively around NIL in a completely compliant manner, regardless of the final 2021 NIL regulations. INFLCR’s [NIL Suite] Data Services offering will provide in-depth analytics, education, and strategy for coaches, student-athletes, and creative teams to understand the impact of their editorial storytelling and grow their commercial value for the NIL Era.

INFLCR’s [NIL Suite] will begin with the collaboration of several core pilot partners, including West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Marquette, among others. In the weeks ahead, INFLCR and partner Athletic Director U (ADU) will be releasing an in-depth NIL content series, featuring head coaches and athletic directors from these pilot partner institutions, talking candidly about their NIL strategy.

In this content series, you’ll hear how these leaders are approaching NIL, why they’ve chosen to add this pilot to their existing INFLCR partnership, and how they’re using this offering to capitalize on recruiting initiatives, student-athlete education, and more ahead of NIL.

INFLCR was founded in 2017 by Jim Cavale, with the vision of NIL “not being a matter of if but when”. Over the past 3 years, INFLCR has focused on building an editorial storytelling platform for more than 22,000 active student-athletes, who have shared more than 500,000 pictures and videos from their personalized INFLCR app content gallery, reaching more than 50 million people on their personal social media platforms across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

This has impacted not only the brand growth of those 30,000 student-athletes but also the collective brand growth of the respective INFLCR college athletic program partners. Since 2017, the average INFLCR student-athlete’s audience and fan engagement has grown 34% annually, equating to a growth in their commercial NIL post value, which they will be able to realize financially starting in 2021.

All of this has laid the foundation for the INFLCR [NIL Suite] which will roll out several other new offerings beyond this initial Data Services offering, as we enter the NIL era of college sports in 2021.

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